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Hai Sing Parent Connect Group

Hai Sing Parent Connect Group (PCG) is glad to share that we had a very fruitful year in 2017  

We are involved in some of the following activities, namely :  

1) Hai Carnival - we support, by setting up stalls to sell cakes and puffs   

2) Graduation Pack - we care, by packing goodies with encouragement notes to every graduating students  

3) Celebrate Teacher's Day - to show our appreciation, we prepare and pack gifts for teachers and administrative staff  

4) Cross Country - being involved by participating in the run at Bedok Reservoir   

5) Racial Harmony - to create awareness, by selling goodies from varies race.  

One of the way for us to be part of our child life is being involved. Participating in PCG allows me to understand the people, the environment and even the friends that my child is in or with. This helps to bridge the gap that most parents might feel when their child goes to secondary level.    

We are excited and look forward to more parents to join PCG, to be part of this journey in our child's teen life.  

For more info on PCG, Please contact Elysia/Doris/Cindy (  

By PCG Chairperson Ms Elysia Oh

PCG Networking with parents on 20 May 2017
PCG X-country 7-4-2017
Friends of Hai Sing Awards 13 April 2017
Happy Teachers's Day to all in Hai Sing Catholic School
Managing Exam Anxiety & Stress workshop for parents on 25th March 2017
Packing Encouraging goody bags for all the graduating classes on 19 Aug
Racial Harmony Day Donation Drive on 21 July Recess Time
Sec 1 Campfire 5 Jan 2018
Supported Hai Carnival on 5 Aug 17
Workshop on "Helping Your Teenagers Master Stress--Turning w