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Information Technology



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Head Of Department 

  • Mr Lim Meng Thong (Science)

Key Personnel

  • Mr Tay Tzu-Lin Preston (SH, Innovation, CPA Co-ordinator) 


  • Ms Joaquina Jye Shiow (EBS Coordinator)
  • Ms Nurhuda Binte Mohamed Khamis (EBS)
  • Mdm Noor Aishah Bte Haja Mohideen (EBS)
  • Mr Tan Song Teck (CPA)
  • Mr Mohammed Zulkifli B Abdul Rasheed (CPA)
  • Ms Ho Hui Ying (CPA) 
  • Mr David Wong (CPA)

ICT Support Staff

  • Mr Joseph Balan (ICT Executive/Trainer)
  • Mr Zainul Hakeem Bin Zaidan (Technical Assistant) 
  • Mr Lee Hoe Foong Wallace(Technical Assistant) 

Major Programmes/Activties/Achievements/Highlights 


  • The ITMR Department leads and manages ICT based curriculum and facilities in Hai Sing Catholic School, and the team is staffed with personnel from subject areas such as CPA and EBS, with a fully functional committee (ITMR Committee) that supports the MOE Cockpit and reults generation. The team supports ICT facilities with a committed ICT Services Team, made up of SSOE Technical Assistants, and ICT Trainer and ICT Executive.      

  • The department is fully committed to an intensive IT-in-curriculum environment for which every student in the school feels that they are part of the school’s Info-communication Technology (ICT) integration programme. The department supports the various initiatives through the different Instruction Programme (IP) departments in Hai Sing Catholic School, thereby keeping the school in the forefront of technology for years to come.     

  • ICT is an essential part of  the school curriculum, and in line with the general education landscape, many of the school lessons incorporates the Self-Directed Learning (SDL) and Collaborative Learning (CoL) approaches. This is achieved through the use of mobile learning initiatives, online learning platforms, Home-Based-Learning (HBL) Day and flipped classroom concepts. Classroom delivery rides on such approaches to achieve a higher level of ICT involvement for students. Some of the significant programmes with the use of ICT are listed below.     

Home Based Learning 

On 07 July 2017, Hai Sing Catholic School conducted its annual Home Based Learning (HBL) for all Secondary One to Secondary Three students for all streams. Headed by the HoD ITMR, Mr Lim Meng Thong, the school went into motion at the start of the year to plan one full day for the event. The HBL was conducted within the school curriculum. Various Instructional Programmes (IP) for subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities were included into a one-day academic time table for the students to adhere to. The students were allowed to work from home or return to school for the HBL, which was conducted on a Friday. On HBL day itself, both Computer Lab 1 and 4 were open for the students to work on their subjects. The day was a fruitful experience for both staff and students as the mission to get the students prepared for any unforeseen circumstances like Haze Alert Day was achieved.   

Multiple IT Learning platforms and devices 

There are many platforms in the education landscapes that made use of technology such as Learning Management System (LMS), mobile learning, flipped learning and online assessment tools within the school.  For mobile learning, the school would deploy IPAD Air 2 for learning journeys to Pasir Ris Mangrove Park where each student has his or her own device.  These devices had also been deployed to classrooms for flipped learning or online lessons.  Online assessment tools such as Flubaroo and Kahoot are regular features in the school and students enjoyed such lessons immensely. In the near future, the school are exploring the use of virtual reality (VR) headsets for lessons. 

Picture 1: Snapshots of students and lesson plans for Home Based Learning (HBL) 



Picture 2: SDL and CoL lesson using IPAD Air 2 for Learning Journey at Pasir Ris Mangrove Swamp



Picture 3: Science lesson from online assessment tool Flubaroo