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Mother Tongue



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Head Of Department


  • Mdm Goh Lin Choo


Subject Head


  • Mdm Kamariah Bte Abd Rahim (MTL-Malay)
  • Ms Lee Wan Xin ( Chinese )


Senior Teachers


  • Mdm Siti Raihanni Bte Selamat (MTL-Malay)
  • Mr Zhao Sen (MTL-Chinese)


Chinese Teachers


  • Ms Joyce Chan Shiying
  • Ms Ye Yiping
  • Ms Zhang Mingyue
  • Ms Khoo Kai Leng Esther
  • Mr Chew Tze Inn
  • Ms Wang Huali
  • Ms Poh Shi Hui
  • Mr Benedict Ng Min Zhong


Malay Teachers


  • Mdm Zurianah Bte Rahmat
  • Ms Rafiqah Bte Nordin




  • Ms Lee Yueli





为善不落人后,为了弘扬忠诚仁爱的校训,我们在庆祝农历新年时,全校师生给芽笼东老人之家Geylang East Home for the aged与新加坡慈济Singapore Cheshire Home 准备了180个礼篮,教育学生为慈善尽绵力,让老人家过一个快乐的农历新年。        



母语双周 II
作家驻校计划 2017


CNY 2017







Throughout the year the department ensures that every level thus every students taking Mother Tongue Malay will be given the opportunity to join in the activities organized for them. The objective of these activities is to instill the love for the Malay language and culture and so that performing well in the subject is easier. Teachers in the department are also actively involved in various activities. They have attended courses and sharing sessions on interesting and effective teaching strategies. They have also shared their effective teaching strategies during two cluster activities, at a national event ie. Malay Language Seminar at Malay Language Centre and at International event ie. 5th Global Summit On Education in Kuala Lumpur. Thus where possible, all teachers will be involved in the activities planned.


  • The year started when the teachers shared on department 2016 PLC projects. Cikgu Kamariah, Rafiqah, Siti Raihanni & Zurianah shared on Teaching Vocabulary and Comprehension Skills at the Malay Language Centre. 

  • Soon after that Cikgu Kamariah joined two other teachers who represented Singapore to share on teaching strategies at the 5th Global Summit on Education in Kuala Lumpur.

  • In May, Majlis Pusat nominated an ex Malay Language Ambassador Aadil Bin Jamari from 2E1who is a Hai Sing’s student to be the programme’s emcee and two other students Nur Aleesya Afiqah from Sec 2E1 and Sharifah Amal Aaliyah from 2E1were appointed as 2017 Malay Language Ambassador for the Malay Language Month activities from May to August this year. 

  • In July teachers in the East 1 Schools Cluster then gathered to visit the Hort Park to build teaching resources that were then collated for future use. 

  • In the same month, the department also collaborated with the National Education Department through outcome of projects on traditional costumes, tradisional kuih and the bunga manggar. All these projects were displayed around the school vicinity. 

  • Also in July the Sec 4E and Sec 5N students sat down to plan for the activities for the Malay Language camp. The activities planned for the participation of other students from the different levels for the day were, acting out the custom of proposal, language quiz, demontstrationa and making of bunga manggar, demonstration and performing the Boria ie community song and dance and skits on mannerism of how to be good guest. The department also organizes a few other activities for the week for other students such as essay writing competition, cross word puzzles, language quiz and word search. The Malay Language camp was successfully carried out in August. 

  • Also in August, the department has organized a learning journey for the Sec 1 students to the Malay Heritage Centre. 

  • In September, Mdm Siti shared with the teachers from the E1 cluster schools on the teaching of Imbuhan based on the PLC project carried out by Mdm Kamariah and her Sec 3N students. 

  • In October, the school and department were surprised by an email from NURI an external Malay Language Centre that announced that Anggun from Sec 1E1 obtained the bronze award in an essay writing competition. Also in October, 3 students Miza Farihah from Sec 4E3, Sabrina and Aisyah from Sec 2N1 won the gold award for the National Essay Writing Competition, Pena Emas they participated .