PE and CCA

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Head of Department

  • Mr Raj M s/o Perumal  

Key Personnel

  •  Mr Rizal Bin Subani  (Year Head-Lower Sec)
  • Mr Tay Tzu-Lin, Preston (SH, Innovation)


  • Mr Mahmod Bin Zainol
  • Mr Raihan Bin Omar
  • Mr Seow Han Chien
  • Mr Ng Boon Hian

School Programme Executive

  • Ms Nur Ismaliah Binte Ismail



" All rounded pupils, nurtured to be active, adaptive, responsible and loyal citizens".

In complementing the academic programs, the PE Curriculum has endeavored to great length to provide a holistic education for the students. Though acquisition of skills and knowledge in the physical domain and total well being forms an integral component of the PE program, equal emphasis is also placed on the inculcation of values. An effective assessment tool is adopted to assess students’ positive behaviors during PE lessons in the following aspects: Leadership, Sportsmanship and Participation. Development of 21st century skills and internalization of school values are also emphasized through the PE Curriculum

The PE curriculum also encompasses a swimming program for the secondary 1 level. Swimming is a survival and a life-long skill. It enables one to enjoy a vast range of social and competitive environments. It is a safe physical activity to be engaged in for healthy and active living.     

PE Department strives to provide various sporting experience to enrich students’ school life. Level Inter-house games are organised to develop camaraderie and provide opportunities for students to operate as a team and to develop confidence and perseverance. The following games were organised Soccer, Tchouckball basketball and Frisbee. These also instil competitive spirit and determination in them to succeed in life.    

The PE department also aims to cultivate a sporting and healthy culture among the staff and student population. In addition to the level games an annual mass sporting event is organised for the whole school. This year we had a mass X-Country Race at Bedok Reservoir. Running concurrently an orienteering race was organised for teams from the upper secondary levels. On the whole it was an exciting event which was enjoyed by staff and students as a whole.    

The secondary 3 cohort adventure camp is Hai Sing’s signature program aim at nurturing character aligned to the NYAA program. Main activities organised in the camp are: dragon boating, land expedition, field cooking and high elements. Students enjoy a myriad of outdoor adventure and expedition in this annual sec 3 camp experience which is deeply entrenched in their minds for a long time. Through this experiential learning students develop desirable social attitudes and values.     

Next the Sports Education Program (SEP) is extended to all Secondary 2 students who are enrolled in non-sports CCAs. This programme provides opportunities for the students to learn sports skills for life-long recreation and adopt a sporting culture.  Students in NPCC picked up dragon boating skills, NCC cadets went through Kayaking 1 star course; Choir group enjoyed kickboxing and all the other non-sports CCA groups became bowlers.     

This exposure also contributes to the fulfilment of the NYAA physical sports requirement in the physical domain.

Annual X-Country Race 2017 7th April 2017 @ Bedok Reservoir
Inter-house Games Day Ongoing from Term 1 – Term 4 @ Hai Sin
Secondary 1 Swimming Programme
Secondary 3 Adventure/NYAA Camp 24th May 2017 – 26th May 201
Sports Education Programme