Hai Sing Catholic School 
Staff Achievements 

Strategic Thrust 3 – Staff Development 2016

Lead Teacher for Mathematics – Dr Radha Devi

MOE PS21 Star Service Award 2016 – Mdm Rossita Binte Eesa

Academy of S’pore Teachers’ Professional Sharing-  Ms Sabrina Thang and Mdm Rafidah conducted a sharing on “Flipped Classroom Lesson on Sensory Evaluation” to Secondary School Nutrition and Food Science Teachers.

Malay Language Seminar  2016 - Mdm Siti Rahainni and Mdm Kamariah presented a paper/study/PLC entitled “Enriching Students Vocabulary” 
Ms Christine Sarah Toh is appointed as Art director for YIA-Education Portal, EZ Centre of Excellence for the creative Arts (COECA) Working Committee 2016.

World Association of Lesson Study 2016 (in Britain). Dr Radha Devi presenting “Differentiation and Flipping – A Harmonious Match in Mathematics”

Nutrition and Food Science Unit, CPDD- Ms Sabrina Thang facilitated a workshop on ‘Infusing ICT into NFS lessons’.

CPDD Geography Symposium 2016- Mr Tafran shared on “An Inquiry Approach to Using ArcGIS (Geographical Information System) in the Geography Classroom.

Interview by ZaoBao Newspaper 2016 -  Mr Cheng Yi Meng was interviewed for his participation in a National Archives Project on S’pore History. He encouraged his students to use non-EL source materials for their Historical Inquiry Project.

Math (Sec) CCG Meeting – Ms Tan Wan Ting shared on “Problems in Real World Context” . Ms Lim Xin Yi, Mr Eugene Guo shared on “Flipped Classroom Strategies” 

Sci (Sec) CCG Meeting - Ms Lee Mei Ling conducted a Chemistry Signature Lesson on teaching strategies eg Card Game, Mid Maps. 

Coral Secondary  School Annual Professional Learning Day 2016 – Dr Radha Devi invited to be Keynote Speaker.

Strategic Thrust 3 – Staff Development 2015

SST Tech Summit 2015 @ the School of Science and Technology Singapore 

Mr Tafran, Mr Nanda, Mr Fauzan presenting 

“Using Google Earth (e-Mobile) in Inquiry Based Learning in Humanities” 

Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2015 

Dr Radha Devi and Mr Edmund Tham entitled "Developing 21st Century Learners in Secondary Mathematics Classrooms" 

Koh Hsing Dee entitled “Leading Curricular Change and Development of STEM Education” 

EZ EL Seminar 2015 

Mrs Wong Shuxian, Ms Siti Nurhuda Hamsani, Mrs Daisy Kee & Mdm Yasmin 

“A Special Interest Group (SIG) on Teaching, Reading and Viewing of Multimodal Texts”. Joint project with Pasir Ris Crest Sec School. 

Mdm Yasmin  presented for EL Innovation Alliance entitled HAI Reading Programme 

Geography Overseas Attachment Programme 2015 

Mr Mohamed Tafran Anguillia was selected for attachment to UK. Duration – 19 Oct to 6 Nov 

MOE Service Excellence Award 2015 

Mdm Rossita, Operations Support Officer (OSO), won the prestigious award 

Malay Language Seminar 2015 

On 4th June 2015 at Malay Language Centre, Mdm Kamariah Binte Abd Rahim & Mdm Siti Raihanni presented Mdm Kamariah’s paper on Applying Critical and Creative Thinking Skills in the Teaching of Malay Language. 

WALS 2015 International Conference (Thailand) 

Dr Radha - “Thoughtful Assessment – In a Flipped Mathematics Classroom” to be held on 24 to 26 November 2015 at Khon Kaen University, Thailand. 

4th International Conference on the Teaching and Learning of Chinese as a Second Language (9 -10 Sep) 

Ms Poh Shi Hui, Mr Chew Tze Inn and Mr Zhao Sen will present a paper titled “Adopt flipped classroom as a teaching model to improve the oral proficiency of students with different learning profile”