Internationalisation Programme



In line with our vision to develop our students into global citizens for the 21st century, the Hai Sing Internationalisation Programme seeks to nurture international awareness, cultural awareness and a sense of identity and belonging to Singapore. Since 2008, our school’s Internationalisation Programme efforts have expanded to include outgoing trips to China, Malaysia, US and Japan.  

The Hai Sing Internationalisation Programme provides broad exposure to different countries, cultures and languages; as well as experiences of the world beyond Singapore. In the planning of Internationalisation trips, the school not only sees to the provision of learning opportunities for students, it also takes into consideration safety and cost. 

Subsidies will be given to Singaporean students by MOE under the Trips for International Experience (TIE) Fund. Students can also utilize their Edusave fund to co-pay for the trip. Needy students can apply for the MOE Opportunity Fund. 

Completed Trips for 2017


(Secondary 2) Trip to Malacca 

(Secondary 3) Learning Journey to Xiamen, China

(Secondary 3) Kyoto Sagano High School Exchange Programme   


Hosting of Kagoshima delegates on 15 Sept 2017
Hosting of Sagano High School on 20 Jan 2017
Kyoto Sagano High School Trip 2017
Sec 2 Malacca Trip 2017
Xiamen Trip 2017