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Principal's Message



Dear HaiSians 

Welcome to a wonderful school year ahead ! 

We would like to warmly welcome Sister Assunta (FMM) as our new School Chaplain in addition to Sister Nora (FMM), Sister Victorine (FMM) and Brother Albert (CSSR). We are happy that Mr David Wong, our  ex-HaiSian, has joined us as our new Design and Technology Teacher. Mr Preston Tay, Subject Head/ Innovation is the Catholic Programme Coordinator. 

This year, the School is 57 years old and we will be organising a Hai School Carnival in August to build School Pride and to strengthen connections with our Parents and Alumni. 

Our School’s vision is: Rooted in truth and charity, nurtured for academic, aesthetic, physical, social and moral growth. We will nurture our HaiSians holistically and equip them with 21st Century Competencies of Civic Literacy, Global Awareness & Cross-cultural skills; Critical & Inventive Thinking; and Information, Collaboration & Communication Skills. 

The School’s four Strategic Thrusts are: Cognitive Development; Character Development; Staff Development and Strategic Resource Management and Partnership. These are anchored on our School Values of Integrity and Compassion. Our School Learning Directions are Differentiated Instruction (DI) and Assessment for Learning (AfL). Our Student Outcomes are Confidence, Independence, Adaptability and Graciousness. 

Strategic Thrust 1 – Cognitive Development 

Our HaiSians have performed well at the 2015 GCE ‘N’ Level Examinations and the 2015 GCE ‘O’ Level Examinations. Our top GCE ‘N’ Level student obtained five distinctions and our top GCE ‘O’ Level student obtained nine distinctions. We would like to warmly congratulate our graduands and thank our teachers for the good results. 

All our Sec 1 and Sec 2 HaiSians will have lessons in Applied Learning Programme (ALP):  Robotics & Engineering. These ALP lessons are conducted by our own teachers during curriculum time. These ALP lessons will develop Critical & Inventive Thinkers as they encourage our HaiSians to problem solve with confidence and adaptability.  All our Sec 1 HaiSians will also have Swimming Lessons and Outdoor Education as part of their new PE Curriculum. 

Top 10% of each student cohort will be enrolled in the Future Problem Solving Programme organised by Raffles Girls’ School.  All Sec 1 and Sec 2 HaiSians can look forward to iMTL lessons conducted by our Mother Tongue Teachers and  we-Learn and EN(a)BLER  Lessons  conducted by our English Language teachers. 

To nurture self-directed learners (SDL) and collaborative (CoL) learners, we will organise a Hai Experiential Week and a Home-Based Learning Day where our HaiSians will make use of their Information, Collaboration & Communication Skills. 

Strategic Thrust 2 – Character Development 

This year, our Learning for Life Programme (LLP): Developing Leadership Competencies in Every HaiSian, will partner Social Service Office @ Tampines on community projects to reach out to the Pair Ris Residents. We will nurture our HaiSians to be Community Leaders who are independent and gracious. 

To build 21st Century Competency in Civic Literacy, all Sec 2 HaiSinas will engage in Project Work and Values in Action Programme. For Sec 3 and 4 HaiSians, there will be NE Learning Journeys to Singapore Discovery Centre, The Future of Us Exhibition, Maritime Gallery and Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). Our Sec 1 Haisians will be involved in cleaning-up the Pasir Ris Mangrove Swamps with coordination from NParks Officers. We are proud that all our Uniform Groups – National Police Cadet Corps, National Cadet Corps and St John’s Brigade have obtained Gold Awards respectively in 2015. 

At the Singapore Youth Festival 2015, our School Choir and Malay Dance obtained Certificates of Distinction, and our Concert Band, Modern Dance and Drama Club obtained Certificates of Accomplishment. To build 21st Century Competency in Cross-Cultural Skills and Global Awareness, the School will continue to organise Internationalisation Trips for our Sec 2 and Sec 3 students to Malaysia, Japan and China. 

Strategic Thrust 3 – Staff Development 

Our School’s Learning Directions since 2011 are: Differentiated Instruction (DI) and Assessment for Learning (AfL). Our committed teachers form Professional Learning Communities based on staff-initiated projects on Curriculum Design, Pedagogy and Assessment. Our teachers are embarking on ‘Flipped Classroom’, ‘Google Apps’ and ‘Google Earth’ in their lessons. 

To tap on our teacher expertise, our School Staff Developer, Lead Teacher and Senior Teachers will organise Professional Learning Days and Workshops based on our School Learning Directions. Our passionate teachers have shared at Cluster meetings, Zonal Symposiums and National Conferences. We are proud that Dr Radha Oonnithan is appointed as Lead Teacher for Mathematics wef 2016. 

Strategic Thrust 4 – Strategic Resource Management and Partnership 

We will strengthen our partnership with Science Centre and Singapore Polytechnic for our Applied Learning Programme; North-East CDC and Peoples’ Association for our Learning for Life Programme. Our Alumni have graced our School Events and conducted Motivational Talks for Sec 4 and 5 HaiSians. Our HaiSians can look forward to a newly painted School, new Computer Labs and a Hai Concert. We would like to thank our School Management Committee, our Parents and our Alumni for supporting our HaiSian Brand of Education. 


Ad Veritatem per Caritatem 

Mrs Judina Cheong