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Latest Announcement

Sec 1 PTD User Guide for Parents

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Subject Based Banding (SBB) for Sec 1 Parents

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FamilyMatters@School Parenting Workshop - Saturday, 20 January 2018

FamilyMatters@School Parenting Workshop
Helping My Teenagers Master Stress – Turning Water into Wine
Date: Saturday 20 January 2018
Venue: Hai Sing Catholic School (SDC Room)

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Sec 2 Streaming

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Cyberwellness slides for parents

"A warm welcome to all parents to our sharing on Cyber Wellness. 

Singapore is one of the most wired places on Earth. It is common to see people swiping at their mobile devices on the go, at the shops and at food courts and restaurants. Our mobile penetration rate was 149.8% in 2016 , which means that on average, every person in Singapore owns at least one phone.

Our children are digital natives and Internet savvy. The MDA Zero-to-Fourteen Consumer Experience Study 2015 showed that most of our children went online most days of the week using their smartphones and started using the Internet at 6 years old. Is this true for your child? 

Attached we would like to share with parents on the topic of Excessive Internet Use followed by a tip sheet for parents to work with their children."

Please click here Slides for Parents-Excessive Internet Use

Please click here Tip sheet for Parents-Excessive Internet Use

Weekly CCA Schedule

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