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VEX Robotics Competition World Championship at the Anaheim Convention Center, USA 2013

  • Middle School World Champion and 2nd  position.  
  • Middle School Robot Skills World Champion, 2nd position and 3rd position
  • Middle School Programming Skills World  Champion
  • The Design Award
  • The Support Award
tn.Robotics 2013.jpg.mid.jpg


World Vex Robotics Championship 2012

We are pleased to announce that in the above competition, there were over 600 teams participating in the middle and high school division and our school team won a total of 9 awards.
1) Robot Skills World Champion, 2nd and 3rd position
2) Tournament Champion and 2nd position  (Middle School Division)
3) Programming Skills 2nd position (Middle School Division)
4) Build Award
5) Innovate Award
6) Create Award