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School Identity

She arrived in Singapore, not in search of a better life, but to better the lives she found. Here, she met the daughters of farmers who could neither read nor write. So reading and writing she taught. Because her heart was true, the daughters of the land began to flock. What started as two classes grew into one school. From a rented classroom, to a building to call home.

Over the years, she has stayed true to the call of education. The only difference was her heart grew in space, so she opened her doors wider. No longer did she just teach the Chinese-speaking girls of the farm lands. She welcomed the boys, and changed her instruction to English – so that people of every tongue could learn and grow under her care.

In the later years, she modernised her ways. She embraced the technologies of the present, introducing STEM to the programme, and computers into the classrooms. Her mission has grown: not only does she lead through service, but now teaches her wards to do the same. To teach her students to treasure and respect each other and their talents, she is now looking to change her class groupings. Yet, amidst all the modifications, she has not forgotten her original calling – to bring light into the lives of children through education. May her students find strength in their own purpose, and steer forwards to multiply joy and peace in the world around them.