Art Department


In HSC, we believe that Visual Arts is important to foster students’ holistic development. The learning of art encourages self-expression, social emotional learning, critical thinking, problem solving, promoting creative thinking and appreciation of life.


HSC art syllabus weave Visual Art with other academic disciplines into our curriculum as well as teach specific artistic skills and abilities. This in in line with the schools’ values which seek to develop our Haisians into compassionate, independent, adaptable and gracious young men and lady of integrity. Students are engaged through a range of traditional and non-traditional art forms such as digital art, painting, illustration, batik to achieve objectives of lifelong learning. The students are also exposed to art styles, artists and art movements through experiential learning journey via museum visits to help enhance students’ appreciation and awareness of Art.

Special Programs

Learning journey to art galleries such as Art Science Museum, National Art Galleries.

Learning journey to Nanyang Academic of Art.

HEW Program – Batik Making

Art Department