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English Language

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Head of Department

  • Mdm Yasmin Bte A Aziz 

Key Personnel

  • Mrs Wong Shu Xian (Year Head Upper Sec)
  • Mdm Sharifah (HOD SSD)
  • Mrs Joseph Tabitha Lee (SH English)

Senior Teachers

  • Ms Ng Back Hon 


  • Mrs Kee-Lim Daisy
  • Ms Goh Suat Hong June
  • Ms Jye Shiow
  • Ms Lee Chin Ling Juliana
  • Mdm Noor Aishah Bte Haja Mohideen
  • Ms Siti Filzah Binte Ishak
  • Ms Siti Nurhuda Binte Hamsani
  • Ms Kiranjit Kaur
  • Mr Mukmien
  • Mr Asraf
  • Mr Jonathan Tan
  • Ms Melissa Ong
  • Mr Lok Bin Hao (Ryan)
  • Mrs Tang Guek Kee Sally (AJT-C)
  • Mrs Abeyasundra Pamela (AJT-F)


  • Ms Diyana Binte Mohamed Fauzi 


  • Ms Noraini Hussain 

Major Highlights

  • EL Innovation Alliance by Mdm Yasmin

Mrs Wong Shu Xian and Mdm Yasmin presented the findings of the ELIA Research Project on12 September 2017 at the Star Performing Arts Centre during the ELIS (English Language Institute of Singapore) Conference 2017. Our school has been a member of the EL Innovation Alliance (ELIA) which consists of East Zone Schools such as Tanjong Katong Girls’ School (TKGS), Ngee Ann Secondary School and Katong Convent.

  • Literature Festival by Ms Kiran Kaur

Taking on the role of a prisoner at a concentration camp and a Nazi soldier were some of the experiences students had as they took part in the trailer segment of the National Schools Literature Festival, the biggest Literary Festival for students in Singapore. In preparation for this competition, students analysed their literature text, The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas and identified significant aspects of the story. As the text came alive, students developed newfound thoughts and feelings on the human experience.

  • English Trail by Mrs Daisy Kee

Six Secondary 2 classes completed the English Trail on 24 October 2017 as part of the Hai Experiential Week (HEW) 2 Programme. The students had to complete 5 activities that required them to practise their listening, speaking and writing skills. Editing skills and Vocabulary were also tested. The activities included Broken Telephone (listening), Tongue Twisters (speaking), Photo Captions (writing), Common English Errors (Editing) and Riddles (Vocabulary). The trail provided the students opportunities to use the English Language in a fun way and at the same time gain some new knowledge.