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Head of Department

  • Mdm Kang Jew Koon 

Key Personnel

  • Mr Yong Chee Kong Daniel (SH Humanities)
  • Mr Nandakumar Rao s/o Ramachandra (Assistant Year Head Upper Sec)

Senior Teacher

  • Ms Leung Wai Ching Juliane 


  • Mr Mohamed Tafran Angullia
  • Mr Fauzan Bin Abdul Rahhim
  • Ms Lim Xin Yi
  • Ms Nur Fadlun
  • Ms Grace Eu
  • Mr Joachim Nga
  • Ms Sing Geok Qing 
  • Ms Eliora Neo Shu Qi
  • Mr Lok Bin Hao (Ryan)
  • Ms Fazzera


"A Global Citizen in Quest of Truth and Empathy for Man and Nature"


The Humanities Department sees its curriculum not just as a platform for teaching academic content
and skills, but also as a pivotal vehicle for character-building, social-emotional learning and National

Our students are engaged through learner-centered lessons that are inquiry driven; experiential
learning through local and overseas learning journeys and geographical/historical investigation
projects, as well as the consistent use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) strategies throughout the
year. ICT and elements of Differentiated Instruction and Multiple Intelligences are adapted for use
by our committed and innovative teachers. Effective questioning techniques enable teachers to tap
on students’ existing knowledge, help them see its connectivity to new learning, and encourage
them to make their own conclusions, thereby building up their self-confidence.

Students also engage in collaborative research- based projects on various topics to enrich their
learning experiences, stimulate their thinking, cultivate their ability to articulate their thoughts, and
promote team spirit. All of these are indeed in line with MOE’s C21 Learning Outcomes.

One of the Department’s signature programmes is the yearly exchange with Sagano High School in
Kyoto, Japan. Another programme is the Humanities Week in Term 3 where we showcase our
students’ projects and invite distinguished speakers to address our students, in addition to the
various fringe activities such as Jeopardy Quiz and Trails.

Other platforms for learning include participating in external competitions such as the Geography
Challenge organised by NUS, the History Challenge organised by MOE, and competitions run by
other institutions. Some of our participants have been identified by NUS and MOE for their Talent
Development Programmes. The Hai Sing team is among the top teams in the International History
Bee and Bowl Competition

In the area of professional development, teachers keep abreast of the latest developments and
continue to hone their craft. They attend courses, workshops and seminars organised by MOE, NUS,
NTU and other external agencies. This is followed up with departmental sharing during Professional
Learning Circle sessions, and collaborative efforts to put their learning into action in their pedagogy.

One of our signature programmes is the annual Hai Sing Humanities Week held in Term 3 where we
showcase our students’ projects and works, in addition to various fringe activities such as Jeopardy
Quiz and Trails. Another yearly highlight of the Humanities Week is a keynote address by
distinguished speakers. In 2017, we had two speakers, namely our Vice-Principal, Mr Joseph Jansen,
who spoke about the Malay Perspective on Nature, and an Associate Research Fellow of RSIS, Mr
Salim Mohamed Nasir who gave an enlightening talk on terrorism and its impact on Singapore.