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LLP - Student Leadership


History of Student Leadership Development in Hai Sing Catholic (HSC) School 


       HSC established itself as Service Leadership Centre (SLC) in 2002. In the spirit of service leadership, student leaders from Hai Sing train primary school students leadership skills with the motto “To Lead is To Serve”. At the same time, they become better leaders themselves. 

           In 2008, SLC was renamed Hai Leadership Academy (HLA). The motto of “To Lead is To Serve” was continued to retain the main strength of service leadership that encourages everyone to seek opportunities to both serve and lead others. The HLA instilled in all students basic leadership traits and skills of leading a team as core competencies in their formative years through a structured student leadership development programme. Every student would have the opportunity to develop their leadership traits and skills in the curriculum and co-curriculum programmes. Students who possessed strong leadership potential are recruited into 6 identified leadership tracks as part of the HLA. 

          From 2011 onwards, all students undergo the Hai Student Leadership Development (HSLD), a signature programme of HLA that builds a service leadership culture that is anchored on values to develop the students’ potential through a more holistic style of student leadership. The 6 leadership tracks were restructured into 5 core leadership groups to reflect a more broad-based approach in allowing more opportunities for students to become student leaders.

            In 2017, the Hai Student Leadership Development (HSLD) was transformed to include community & youth leadership as an additional focus in conjunction with service leadership. A more tailored approach towards developing the leadership competencies and skills of different leadership roles was also later introduced in the form of 7 leadership modules encapsulating the leadership qualities of Hai student leaders.

        In 2018, to reflect the distinctive leadership programmes offered by the school, the HSLD was renamed as two programmes:

            Personal Advancement and Development in Leadership Programme;

            Student Ambassadors in Leadership Programme.

           The school also began accepting direct admissions of students through uniformed groups with the focus on student leadership development. Students who participated in the direct admissions programme will be tracked and groomed to take up key leadership positions in their respective uniformed groups.

Symbol of




Programme Goal


Five figures with overlapping stripes and quadrants looking towards the “Star of the Sea”, and a figure extending its arm to form the shape of the heart.

The five figures represent the 5 core student leadership groups;
Student Councillors,
Catholic Fellowship Leaders,
CCA Leaders,
House Leaders and
Class Leaders.

The overlapping stripes and quadrants represent the different functions of the student leaders and yet harmoniously working together and envisioning a shared goal of serving Hai Sing Catholic School and reaching out to the Community with Compassion by capitalising on their respective strengths.

The symbol encapsulates the goal of developing leaders with the heart to serve.





       Through the   PADDLE and SAIL  Programmes, students will be given the opportunity to attend 7 leadership modules to develop the desired skills and competencies required of their leadership roles. The 7 leadership modules are:

i.         Knowing Myself and Others
ii.        Leading with Humility, Confidence and Integrity
iii.       Responsible Decision Making with Compassion for Others
iv.       Collaborating with Others
v.        Envisioning Goals, Empowering Others
vi.       Being Exemplary
vii.      Building Harmonious Teams

Desired Leadership Qualities of Hai Sing Student Leaders

Responsible Decision Making with Compassion for Others

A figure forming the shape of the heart while extending a part of its arm outwards 

Depicts that every action and decision made is done with compassion for others.
Knowing Myself and Others  
Being Exemplary
Two contrasting figures facing each other within the same frame

Depicts the reflection of oneself in a mirror in finding the strengths and weaknesses of oneself.It also depicts the need to acknowledge the similarities and differences between oneself and others.

The two contrasting figures within the same frame represents the delicate balance in developing the strengths and weaknesses of oneself while setting a good example for others.
Collaborating with Others 
Building Harmonious Teams 

Three figures forming a tower

Depicts the need to support one another through collaborative efforts and teamwork. The identical statures of the figures symbolise the unity in the effort and reminds the leader to build a harmonious team. 
Leading with Humility, Confidence and Integrity Envisioning Goals, Empowering Others

A central figure standing shoulder to shoulder with two flanking figures. An arrow originating from the central figure expands upwards and outwards to the two flanking figures.

The central figure flanked by two other figures symbolise leading with humility, confidence and integrity.

The expanding white stripe and quadrants around the heads of the figures symbolise the envisioning of a common goal depicted by the arrow and the empowerment of others in reaching the goal.

Training Structure