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Teachers in charge

  1. Ms Millicent Chua
  2. Mdm Lee Wan Yin
  3. Mdm Kiranjit Kaur
  4. Mr Mathew Lim

Training schedule

Every Tuesday and Thursday: 3.45 - 5.45 p.m.


  • 100 Plus Promenade @Sports Hub,
  • Pasir Ris Park
  • Bedok Reservoir Park


  • National School Games Track and Field
  • National School Games Cross Country


2022 NSG Track and Field 3000m event
  • 9th position in ‘C’ div boys
  • 15th position in ‘C’ div girls 2022

NSG Cross Country
  • 43rd position in ‘C’ div boys

Student Voice

‘I have gained a myriad of benefits from my CCA. Many think that running is a purely physical activity but it is actually a lot more than that. The training sessions not only allow me to have some understanding of the challenges faced by world-class athletes but more importantly, I have learnt to focus and develop the determination to overcome obstacles and fatigue. I have gained a new perspective on large and small problems alike. Running builds my capacity to endure and to overcome challenges and this gives me strength in other areas of my life. I will cherish the precious memories and friendships forged for a long, long time to come. HAI Athletics Club has trained me not just for competitions, but also for the race ahead - that is life!’

Warren Illias Tan