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NCC Land

Teachers in charge

  1. Mr Raihan Omar
  2. Mr Tan Chu Chze, Jonathan

Training schedule

Tuesdays 3.30 - 6.15pm




  • Unit Recognition Award
  • 1-Star Kayaking
  • Inter-unit sports competition
  • Camp FORGE (Sec 1)
  • Camp STEEL (Sec 2)
  • Specialist Assessment (Sec 3)
  • Senior Specialist Leadership Course (Sec 3)
  • Total Defence Bronze (Sec 1)
  • Total Defence Silver (Sec 2)
  • Total Defence Gold (Sec 3)


Unit Recognition Award (Distinction) 2022 since 2010

Student Voice

‘My NCC journey in Hai Sing was quite an eventful one. Even during the Covid-19 lock down, our teachers in charge and our seniors made an effort to give us the best experience in NCC as possible. They taught us all that we needed to know and organised engaging activities for all of us to grow as leaders. Now we feel empowered to lead and guide our juniors to be better leaders.’

Gabriel Lian Bing Han
3 Truth