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St. John Brigade

Teachers in charge

  1. Ms Thang Sabrina Lisa
  2. Ms Lim Xin Yi

Training schedule

Every Tuesday 3 - 5.45pm
Saturday trainings [only for First Aid Competition competitors and helpers], 8am - 12pm


  • District First Aid Competition
  • District Presentation
  • Basic NCO and Advanced NCO Training Camps
  • First Aid Instructor Course
  • Home Nursing Instructor Course
  • Drill Instructor Course


District First Aid Competition
  • Nursing Cadets: 3rd placing

Student Voice

‘I have learnt that working together as a team is crucial in SJB. A team is as strong as the weakest link. So a lack of cooperation and communication can potentially cause issues during CCA trainings and competition trainings. One of my fond memories as a SJB cadet would be training for the First Aid Competition. There were a number of challenges thrown our way, but we managed to work together as a team to overcome these obstacles. As a team, we also tried to find humour in the mistakes made during the competition trainings, instead of being frustrated.’

Jeremy Nathanael Sutanto
SJB Chairman