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Mother Tongue

We aim to develop our students’ preparedness to succeed in the global world and to remain rooted to their culture and heritage. Through the various programmes we have, we allow students to have a greater appreciation of their history, traditions and values. Our students will be engaged in:

  • Quizzes
  • Discussions
  • Storytelling
  • Authentic assessment tasks where they collaborate with their peers to co-create videos, blogs and scrap books appropriate to their level
  • Authentic learning experience via learning journeys to places of interest
  • Understanding of culture and norms through Mother Tongue Fortnight activities

Student Voice

‘Malay lessons have helped me to appreciate the Malay language and culture better. The lessons are always filled with quizzes and meaningful stories from the teacher’s experience. These activities are engaging and make me understand the language better. The quizzes help me understand better as my teachers always explain the answers afterwards.’ – Putera Azfar B Azahari, 3 Adaptability

After Covid-19 measures were eased, our Malay language teachers gave us the opportunity to go for a learning journey to Kampong Glam. We visited many places including the Malay Heritage Centre, and even made traditional kueh. The learning journey has sparked my interest in finding out more about the Malay culture.’
– Nazzyfa Nazzura Bte Mohd Naser, 3 Independence