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Our vision is to provide a student-centred, stimulating and energising environment for students to explore the discovery and application of scientific concepts in challenging tasks. We aim for students to generate new and innovative ideas through a diversity of experiences and collaborative learning. To do so, we engage students in:

  • Science experiments
  • Discussions
  • Toy making such as simple DC motor
  • Hands-on workshops such as ice-cream making and candy making
  • Learning Journeys to Yakult factory
  • Science competitions which include
- C.B. Paul Science Quiz
- Singapore Physics League
- Singapore Junior Biology Competition
- Genetic Modification Advisory Council (GMAC) competition

Student Voice

‘It was a memorable experience making my own D.C. motor during Physics lessons. With only two pieces of copper wires, a battery and two neodymium magnets, we were tasked to create our own D.C. motor by researching online to get ideas on a suitable design. Using the DIY motor we made, we applied the concepts of Fleming’s Left Hand Rule to identify the directions of the current and the force, and then deduced the polarities of the magnets. We were given the space to explore the different factors which could affect the speed of rotation of our motors, and were challenged to improvise our current one to rotate at the highest speed. From such hands-on activities, I can see how Science has its applications in our daily lives! And I feel like I am an engineer creating my own device using simple raw materials!’ – Daaris Bin Norman, 4 Truth