Hai Experiential Week Hai Experiential Week

Hai Experiential Week was another resounding success this year! Interesting workshops were curated for different levels and streams of students to ensure an engaging student experience. Skills such as team building and cultivating an adventurous spirit were honed through our PAdDLe workshop. HAIsians designed and painted their very own Mandala art, did rattan weaving and Batik painting to unleash their creativity, and went on various learning journeys to explore their cultural heritage. Not forgetting to cater to the outdoor learning experience of our HAIsians, our Secondary 2 students went on a 3-day non-residential Adventure Camp!

Last Day of School Last Day of School

The last day of school ended with a bang as our HAI Talents belted out their own renditions of popular hits. HAIsians sat around the foyer where a makeshift stage was set up. It marked a memorable day for all as it was our final get-together before the school’s upgrading project. Our students also bade farewell to the captain of our ship – Mr Daniel Ang. Our Principal will embark on his new posting as Director of Special Education from 15 December. Many will miss and remember him for his kindness, drive and dedication to all in Hai Sing. Our very own Hai Sing mascot, sHAInee also made his debut appearance to HAIsians. Shaped like a gem and decked like a sailor, the mascot combines two aspirations that we have for HAIsians: First, we hope Haisians become captains of their own journeys, by taking control of the decisions they make as they navigate the seas of learning and life. And secondly, through this, we hope students discover their ME-ssion - their personal mission - as their purpose in life becomes as clear as a gem. As Haisians uncover their unique strengths, we hope they also find a WE-sion, that is a vision for how they can shine forth and help the people around them!


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