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Principal's Message

Dear Students and Parents

On behalf of the school community, I warmly welcome you to the Hai Sing family, where we are one School, one Home, one Community.

It seems like just yesterday that we concluded our 60th Anniversary celebrations. The lively voices of the HAIsian community filled the school as they rallied and came together on the joyous occasion to celebrate at HS60: Celebrating the HAI Life!, which was our 60th Anniversary and Charity Dinner. The school spirit manifested itself so strongly that night that it deeply inspired those present to continue to build the school that they have grown to love. Inspired by these events, the One Hai Sing alumni working committee started a monthly engagement this year, meeting even electronically through the COVID Circuit Breaker. They aim to launch the alumni association within the next year.

2019 concluded and 2020 began as other years normally do, with the release of the GCE N and O - Level results for the 2019 graduating cohort. Our school continues to perform well in the GCE N - Levels with 89.6% of the N(A) students qualifying for progression to Sec 5, compared with the national 77%. We celebrated the achievements of 19 HAI Achievers comprising 3 all-round performers as well as outstanding students who had scored 11 points or better in the GCE N (A) Level Examinations and 2As or more in the GCE N (T) Level Examinations.

Not to be outdone, the students offering the GCE O - Levels also did tremendously well, with 88.6% of the 5NA cohort eligible for Polytechnic admissions, and 74.8% and 99.4% of the 4E cohort eligible for JC and Polytechnic admissions respectively. Of the many who have done well, I would like to highlight 2 deserving of special mention.

Cressentia Amanda Wu, 4 Truth (2019) was unfortunate to miss several weeks of classes in Secondary 3 due to passport renewal issues. Once she returned, she was able to catch up in her academic studies through a combination of personal grit and the support of her teachers and friends. She attained 9 points for her L1R5 in the GCE O - Levels.

Aadil Jamari 4 Compassion (2019) was an exemplary student at Hai Sing who was heavily involved in the Student Council, several school events and even VIA programmes outside of school. In 2018, he was awarded the Kuek Seng Sik Scholarship set up by the Hai Sing alumni to recognize excellence in Mother Tongue Languages. He attained 7 A1s in his GCE O levels, demonstrating that it is possible to balance academic excellence with commitments in CCAs and other leadership positions. Aadil was unanimously selected as the school’s valedictorian for 2020.

Since February, 2020 has been a year of change and adaptation for us as Singapore battled COVID-19. The global health pandemic created by the coronavirus brought about unprecedented changes to the school year. The dynamic and vibrant school life that our students have grown so accustomed to underwent a drastic change. School programmes such as the Sports Carnival, Speech Day and Co-Curricular Activities that characterised their Hai Sing experience were replaced by safe distancing, suspension of after-school activities and eventually full home-based learning. Even upon school resumption in Term 3, HAIsians had to alternate between home-based learning and returning to school for lessons.

There was no blueprint for how to handle the challenges and changes brought about by the pandemic, but with HAIsians at the centre of what we do, we shifted our focus to ensuring the emotional and physical well-being of our students, even as we continued to uphold high standards of quality teaching and learning.

It is with gratitude that I applaud our teachers for stepping up to learn, to collaborate and to innovate, continuously seeking better and more effective approaches to deliver a strong school experience for every HAIsian while dealing with a very mercurial situation. They have handled the situation with enthusiasm to ensure our students continue with meaningful learning while providing support to those who may face challenges.

Our students’ resilience during this period is also an embodiment of the Hai Sing spirit. They have adapted remarkably to learning from home and demonstrated strength and tenacity during this challenging time, a first for this generation. It has been a period of learning and growth for them and I am proud to say they have risen admirably to the challenge.

I would also like to take the opportunity to share about two HAIsians who had adapted and learned as best as they could through the FHBL period.

Nyan Lin Tun of 4 Truth and Peter Khor Zi Jian of 4 Adaptability demonstrated two essential traits for navigating this season - the willingness to learn, and the willingness to bear.

Lin Tun remained engaged in learning and on task throughout the FHBL period and took it upon himself to encourage his peers to complete their HBL assignments. As an independent and motivated learner, he continued to submit assignments of a high standard. This took a high degree of self-discipline and perseverance.

Peter exhibited discipline and perseverance during the time of FHBL. Due to take the Mother Tongue National Examination in June, he remained consistent and motivated in his revision. Not willing to let the school closure hamper his academic progress in his weaker subject, he took the initiative to arrange for Oral Communication practice with his Mother Tongue teacher. Besides managing his academic studies, he also found time to assist his teachers in vital communications such as sending information and reminders to his peers about their assignments.

These students’ willingness to learn and their willingness to bear with patience the ironing out of kinks during this period of change and uncertainty are admirable qualities HAIsians should strive to possess. They exhibit qualities of a true HAIsian – one who has a positive attitude towards learning, one who steps out of his comfort zone and boundaries to achieve his dreams.

With the school as an anchor and safe harbour, our students went on to show their appreciation to their community. As part of the Values in Action project, the Secondary Four students expressed their appreciation to the frontline workers and demonstrated care for those affected by the pandemic through tangible ways. Handwritten notes, handmade photo frames and collages, appreciation videos and food were among the many items that were sent out to bring some cheer to our everyday heroes.

On Day One of school resumption, HAIsians entered the school gates with a spring in their step, because they felt right at home. The high student attendance rate of 98.2% on the first day of school resumption bears testament to the efforts made by our staff to stay connected with the students throughout the school closure. This was only possible because of the teachers’ commitment to our students’ holistic development and well-being. In Term 3, we look forward to giving our students “Something to look forward to each week” as we take bold strides towards normalcy while continuing with the required Safe Management Measures.

The vibrancy of our school programmes and the continued excellence of our students in the different domains of learning are the result of the support of the entire HAIsian community - the School Management Committee, staff, alumni, the parents of our students and well-wishers who have all been unwavering in supporting the school in our continued efforts to provide a dynamic and enriching school experience for our students. With your support, we will continue to be a home where hearts belong, a school where students shine forth, and a community that leads, cares and serves.

With this, I wish you a fulfilling school year ahead.

Ad Veritatem Per Caritatem and Hai Sing shine forth!

Daniel Ang