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Our Staff

Hai Sing Catholic School provides multiple electronic avenues for parents to contact staff.  When appropriately used, these avenues can make contact with us effective and efficient.     

Our communications policies can be found here.

Avenues of Contact with Staff    

     a. Generic School Email Address – – All teachers can be reached at this                              email address. This email address is checked regularly on a daily basis and the administrator                       channels the emails to the relevant teachers and school personnel. 

     b. Staff Email Addresses – All teachers and staff have an email address provided to them for the                    purposes of work. These official email addresses end either with or           Teachers can also be reached directly at these email addresses. 

     c. School Mainline – 6582 7864 – All teachers can be reached at this phone number. The                                    operator will take a message for the teacher to return a call should they be away from their                        desks for teaching or other student related duties. External vendors should call the mainline                       and leave a message.