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Effective Communications Policy

Establishing an Understanding on Effective Communications    


1. The school respects the privacy of our students and has a duty to safeguard confidential information about students. While school email platforms provide basic security, email platforms commonly used by general public are not secure. With emails commonly accessed on mobile devices, emails may be accessed and read by people other than their intended recipient. Emails sent out from school are constrained for these reasons. 

             a. Therefore, in non-routine cases, personal contact over the phone or in person is preferred as                       it  is more effective and subject to fewer security and confidentiality concerns. 

             b. Should the school assess that the need has arisen, emails sent directly to teachers may still be                 redirected to relevant Key Personnel and/or School Leaders so that the matter can be addressed                  effectively.

 2. Should you have an emergency situation at home (or similar) that requires immediate attention, electronic communications may not be the best option as teachers follow scheduled timetables on a daily basis. In some instances, teachers may be engaged with teaching and other duties for hours at a time and may not be able to respond to time-sensitive emails urgently. In such instances, you are advised to call the school at the mainline.

 3. Should you wish to make contact with particular teachers, you can do so either through the generic email address or directly to their staff email address. Emailing the generic email address has the added advantage that the information may also be forwarded to other relevant Key Personnel or School Leaders. Should you have documents related to your child that you wish to send to the relevant teacher, you may choose between emailing the generic email address or the staff’s email address.

 4. Staff will generally deal with emails while they are at work. The school general office operates through the school holidays and it is advisable for emails to be directed to the generic school email during these periods.