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Principal's Message


Dear HaiSians

Dream. Believe. Achieve.  Hai Sing Catholic School marked its 59th year as a school with these three simple words, yet loaded with deep meaning and great aspirations.  Hai Sing is a school of choice in Pasir Ris and beyond, drawing a catchment of students from major areas in the eastern half of Singapore from as far away as Kallang, Eunos and Bedok.  We aspire to help our students redefine the boundaries of their success, and to rethink what they are capable of, to dare to dream of great things.  Over time, with focused and committed development, they will come to surpass their own self-limitations and work towards realising their dreams and to dare to believe in them.  Before they leave us, or in the future beyond their stay with Hai Sing Catholic School, it is our aim that our students overcome any obstacles and dare to achieve these dreams. 

As we prepared for our 60th anniversary in 2019, the school also took time to reflect on its heritage, embarking on an internal conversation amongst staff about what it is we believe about our students.  These are the key elements that came out of that conversation. 

    • Every HAIsian is a child of God, blessed with talents and a unique identity
    • Every HAIsian can become a person of integrity and compassion who contributes to a better world.
    • Every HAIsian will be the culmination of his experiences and is thus deserving of the best care and opportunities.

These core beliefs codify the HAIsian brand of education and educational ethos delivered first by the FMM in the early years and continue to burn bright through the continued efforts of our staff and stakeholders today.  These core beliefs are a celebration of the school’s heritage and through these, we remain connected as one Hai Sing.

Daring Thinkers who Realise Their Dreams!

Academically, the HAIsians of the class of 2017 have done well. 

For the GCE N Levels, 4 N(T) students obtained 2 distinctions or more and 9 N(A) students scored an aggregate of 8-10 points with another 3 N(A) students scoring near perfect EMB3 of 5-7 points. 

For the GCE O levels, 8 Sec 5 students obtained between 2-5 distinctions, and 11 Sec 4 students obtained 6 distinctions and another 8 obtained between 7-8 distinctions. 

Beyond the examination results, I would also like to take the opportunity to share about 3 HAIsians who had gone beyond just academic performance. 

Chan Choon Yong is our valedictorian this year.  This in itself speaks volumes, as the valedictorian represents the best that Hai Sing has to offer.  His achievements run the gamut, he has done tremendously well in the O levels and is a dedicated, exemplary leader in the AVA Club and he even finds time to give back to the community.  But above all, his peers and teachers remember him fondly as somebody who is always ready to help with great sincerity.  He brings joy to his class and those around him and makes a difference to them, doing small things with great love.  To me, these are also important things that we cherish, that as we excel, we do together, as one Hai Sing, and in our success, we leave no one behind. Excellence, and in the same vein, humility, helpfulness and compassion.

Shannon Chua was the President of the Robotics club in 2017.  She was inspired by her sister Sharmaine Chua to join HSC because of Robotics.  Like Sharmaine, she exhibited a tremendous degree of grit, discipline and perseverance to juggle between CCA commitments and maintain an excellent set of academic results.  But Shannon breaks the mould of a typical president of robotics in a few ways.  Firstly, she surpassed her sister and became the only Robotics student to have won 2 world champion crowns, in 2015 and 2017.  Secondly, besides technical competency, she excelled in many other areas.  In particular, she became President of a CCA that focuses on STEM, a field that is perceived to be male dominated.  She also did not let the fact that she was in the Normal Academic stream hinder her self-belief, commanding the respect of many other excellent students in the Robotics club.    Having done tremendously well in her N levels, she is now in Singapore Polytechnic doing a PFP for Mechatronics Robotics Engineering.

Ho Boon Hean’s story is one that in my mind truly encapsulates the spirit of SkillsFuture.  Boon Hean is an unassuming young man. Coming from 4 Graciousness of 2017, he was one of the students who left an impression on me.  Not just because he was a polite, well-mannered and seemingly mature young man from the Normal Technical stream, but embedded in his polite and well-mannered nature was a deep passion, and a big heart.  He loved to build terrariums and do landscaping projects with his hands.  Whether there were little seeds of this earlier on, or this passion was ignited when he went through his N(T) Elective Module with Hai Sing Catholic School, it is hard for us to tell.  During the N(T) Elective Module, we have the practice of giving an award and prize to the best trainee. Boon Hean not only won this award, but contributed to the school by building terrariums and table gifts for Speech Day 2017.  Some of you who were present here last year might remember these.  Boon Hean was recommended by the school to participate in an apprenticeship with a landscaping company following his graduation, but it turned out that the apprenticeship was not able to proceed due to some scheduling challenges with regard to Boon Hean’s course beginning at the ITE.  Nonetheless, Boon Hean’s attitude, commitment and passion to mastery in a craft teaches us and all HAIsians a lesson.  

Each of these students brings something slightly different to the descriptor “Daring Thinkers who Realise Their Dreams!”

Hearts for Others, Responsibility to Community and Society

In other areas of cognitive and academic development, our Applied Learning Programme in STEM continues to receive strong recognition and continues to be a firm bedrock on which our school builds our students’ capacity for critical and daring thinking.  Our ALP has received accolades for being able to break down technology into its fundamental science concepts and bring them alive for students.  In 2017, our Robotics team brought back the World VEX World Champion title for middle schools for the 4th time.  Fresh from these successes, the school did a fundamental review of its ALP offerings and we are excited to announce the following changes which are targeted at providing a deeper, more distinctive learning experience to ALL HAIsians, starting from the Secondary 2 cohort of 2018.  Centred on a new MakerSpace, all HAIsians will now go through a Design Engineering Programme that lasts the full year in Secondary 2.  This exciting new Design Engineering Programme brings the existing ALP, Project Work, VIA and Innovation programmes in Secondary 2 together into an integrated whole.  Students will be taught design thinking approaches that they can apply to authentic, real world problem solving situations sourced from the community.  Students will then be facilitated through a solutioning process that may require them to design and build prototype solutions in the makerspace, test the solutions and revisit their designs iteratively.  The entire process will develop and strengthen collaborative skills and empathy as well as provide a unique experience working with high tech equipment to build and rebuild solutions, thus developing grit and entrepreneurial dare.  So far, I am told that the students are really excited about this programme, and I can tell that the staff behind it are too!

In the area of Character Development, our Learning for Life Programme or LLP for short is in the area of student leadership and community outreach. 

As a Catholic School and bearing in mind the school’s values of Compassion and Integrity, we must also not forget to develop students who are persons for others and who will make society better bit by bit by having a positive impact on others' lives.  Our Learning for Life Programme is in student leadership and community outreach.

In late 2017, we re-imagined some aspects of our school’s Learning for Life Programme.  In 2018, the school ran a revised model of the Student Leadership Camp, with a different, customised experience designed to enable Student Leaders from all walks of the school to perform their specific roles better.  We have other changes in store to bring a much stronger distinctiveness to the Hai Sing brand of education.

Beyond school, our councillors care for the community through the Wonderkids programme. Wonderkids are the underprivileged children living at a near-by rental block. This takes place on many Wednesday afternoons. After school, our councillors stay back with these children in school to tutor them and engage them with games and pre-planned activities. Strong bonds were forged. Our students learnt to put the needs of others before their own and the value of paying it forward.

Thanks and Appreciation

The school, the school management committee and the school management steering committee are grateful to and appreciative of all its committed staff who work tirelessly to provide a positive learning experience to each and every HAIsian and build the HAIsian brand of education.

We are also thankful to all wellwishers who have provided their support in any capacity throughout the years.    

Ad Veritatem Per Caritatem and Hai Sing shine forth!  

Daniel Ang