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Design and Technology


To develop a way of thinking and doing to visualise and concretise design solutions for real-world context.


Our Sec 1 pupils get to work on two simple design-and-make projects (Key tag and Coin Bank). Due to limited curriculum time, we focus on simple activities to hone basic sketching skills and make use of isometric templates to scaffold pupils to scratch in 3D. For the prototyping part, pupils get to practice cutting acrylic and metals using various elementary machines and tools. For both the key tag and coin bank projects, pupils will be taught how to shape borrow from animals.
 (See video

For our Sec 2 pupils we implement a new design-and-make project. This project is a based on the theme, 'hook'. Pupils are required to cut and bend aluminmum sheet to form a hook. They have to generate and develop ideas via doodling and sketching on a design journal to design a 'hook' related product that can solve a real world problem. Pupils will learn to improvise and create a mock-up of their design in order to have a look and feel of their design. The final prototype is limited by material constraints (like Aluminmum for the hook and 10mm thick pinewood for the body). At the end of Sec 2, pupils will gain sketching and prototyping skills (for mock-up and artefact making) for their coursework project in upper secondary. Pupils will also have an understanding of how a design-and-make project is to be carried out. (See video

For our Sec 3 pupils we focus mainly on technological topics and two upper secondary standard design-and-make projects that incorporate technologies. Pupils are also required to do modelling for their projects before making the artefact using cardboard, foams, sticks and construction kits for mechanism and electronics parts.

For Sec 3E pupils, they did an audio amplifier speaker project whereby they apply electronic circuity into their project. Besides the numerous learning concepts acquired, the enjoyable nature of this project has also allowed students to create a real audio amplifier speaker where they can play music with it at their own comfort. The Sec 3E students also had opportunities to attend electronic courses at Singapore Polytechnic in June. This course was well-received by the students.

For Sec 3N, they did a handphone dock project in Semester 1 that incorporates authentic design process ending with a design model and artefact. In semester 2, they were taught how to apply structures in the design of a fidget toy. We also employed the use of electronics construction kit to teach pupils the basic electronics components and how to connect up a simple sensing circuit using the electronics construction kit.

Special Programs

For higher ability sec 3 pupils, we send them for Toy Design Competition organised by Singapore Polytechnic to learn how to use CAD software to create complex design and Earthquake Competition at Singapore Polytechic to generate students’ interests on the importance of Civil Engineering in designing earthquake-resistant buildings and earthquake disaster mitigation. There is also collaboration with Temasek Polyechnic for our students to go for advance elective module on digital electronics.