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At Hai Sing, we believe that every child is musical. By building bridges to make music accessible, every child can excel in music and music can help them develop intellectually, socially and emotionally in return.


Students learn about the musical elements in a holistically integrated manner. Through many collaborative opportunities, students also hone non-musical skills like responsibility, teamwork and leadership process. Throughout these modules, students are gradually taught to be responsible with guided self-directed learning through the aid of HSC Music Website. Interdisciplinary elements are also interwoven within lessons to help students build bridges between music and the world around them.

Modules include:

Western Classical Orchestra

Poetry Soundscapes

Rhythmic Composition

Ensemble Playing

Guitar/ Ukulele and Cajon

4 piece Band Performance


Higher Music: HSC students travel to another school for O Level Music and Music Elective Programme lessons. From 2021, N(T) Music will be offered for Upper Secondary students.  

Special Programs

HSC Underground (Founded by Ms Melissa Ong)

HSC Underground is a talent and development programme for talented and motivated student musicians to hone their skills outside of music lessons. More than just performers, it also welcome artists, music producers, photographers, videographers and sound engineers as these are also careers related to music. As part of the Underground, students organize and publicise their concerts in addition to performing, gain the experience of recording in a recording studio, learn to take portraits of musicians and videography for a live performance, as well as sound editing, engineering and recording techniques,

An inter-school  songwriting workshop is also organised during the holidays, where Haisians work with students from other schools to compose a song and perform it using a Digital Audio Workstation and musical instruments.

After SA2s, Secondary 2 studens experience 3-4 day music workshops where they embark on modules such as beatboxing, gamelan ensemble, angklung ensemble and EDM composition.