Nutrition & Food Science


At HSC we believe that every child is innovative, a problem solver, has an analytical mind, is creative and able to work collaboratively with others. All Haisians are motivated and has a passion for lifelong learning of culinary skills.


FCE encompasses the study of Nutrients and Food Science. Focusing on guiding students to lead a healthy lifestyles by teaching them basic life skills in cooking, equipping them with nutrition information so that they are able to make discerning choices in their daily intake of food. Students also learn about financial planning in budgeting for the dish that they have designed and an appreciation of global food culture by creating fusion dishes to develop their creativity. Through the coursework, students develop skills such as critical thinking, creative skills, collaborative skills, presentation skills, problem solving skills, innovative skills and the ability to make informed and discerning food and consumer related decision.

Food and Nutrition is introduced to Upper Secondary School students as an elective. It uses an Inquiry based approach in teaching the syllabus as the subject is experiential in nature. It allows for authentic learning as it allows students to relate and apply real life experiences throughout the learning processes. It helps to develop students’ ability to understand the concept of nutrients and meal planning. It also helps to imbue in them the importance of diet and long term health benefits. Students are also required to embark on the studies of food science so that they will be better equipped with knowledge and skills to interpret the results to make informed choices pertaining to Food Science.

Special Programs

  • NKF School Bus on diet related diseases.
  • Healthy Canteen projects for Lower Secondary Students.
  • Collaboration with Singapore Polytechnics in cooking competition.
  • Healthy Snack Cooking Competition
  • Visit to Science Center to learn about molecular gastronomy.
  • Sustainable Living (Learned about hydroponic farming)
  • Pizza making (Authentic Learning from a restaurant)
  • Sustainable Living-Growing of edible micro-vegetables for Lower Secondary.

Food & Nutrition