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Performing Arts

Concert Band

Hai Sing Catholic School Concert Band has a stronghold of about 85 members spanning from Sec 1s to Sec 5s. The band maintains a high standard of musicianship through constant practice which culminates in various performances where students showcase their talent. The Band is under the baton of Mr Tay Kaitze (Main Band) and Ms Leong Jiayi (Junior Band). The Band’s vision and mission is to expose our members towards appreciation of the arts through the love and passion for music. We strongly believe in instilling self-discipline and aspire to motivate our members to achieve greater heights.
Teachers In Charge

1. Mr Mohd Asraf Mohtar (1IC)
2. Mr Tan Yong An (2IC)
3. Mr Chew Tze Inn
4. Ms Tan Wan Ting Training Day, Time  and Venue
Junior Band - Monday and Thursday Main Band - Tuesday and Thursday : School

Time : Junior Band - 1500hrs to 1730hrs
            Main Band - 1500hrs to 1830hrs



The Hai Sing Choir is now an SSA choir under the baton of Mr Marcus Lee. The HSC choir plays a prominent role in the musical life of HSC, such as the HAI Musical in 2014. The choir's motto, ‘We Sing As One’, shows its commitment and passion in serving the school and the pursuit of musical excellence. The choir participates in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation that is held biannually and achieved a Certificate of Distinction in 2013 and 2017, and a Certificate of Achievement in 2019. Beyond the school, the choir participates actively in choral exchanges and festivals, performing at venues such as the SOTA Concert Hall, Goodman Arts Centre and Victoria Concert Hall. Some of these performances include inter-school choir exchanges with St Theresa’s Convent, as well as Choral Moments 2016 and Voices in Harmony 2018. Notably, the choir performed alongside the renowned Cantemus Children’s Choir as part of Treble Voices 2019.

Teachers In Charge

1. Ms Noor Aishah Haja Mohideen (IC)
2. Ms Melissa Ong (2IC)
3. Ms Zhang Mingyue
4. Mdm Lee Yueli

Training Day, Time  and Venue

Tuesday and Thursday : School

Time : 1530hrs to 1800hrs

Dance Club

The Dance Club cultivates the physical development of the students, trains them to be disciplined and enhances the cultivation of values such as teamwork, respect and confidence. The Dance Club comprises both the International Dance group and the Malay Dance group. The CCA is very much suited for youths who have boundless energy and seek to express themselves through music and the arts. The training sessions will provide many opportunities for students to different genres such as street dance, hip hop and ethnic dance. The dancers are also given many opportunities to showcase their talent through the various performances and competitions they participate in.

Teachers In Charge

1. Ms Tracy Yeo (IC)
2. Ms Felicia Teo (2IC) 
3. Ms Diyana Mohd Fauzi
4. Ms D.W. Cassandra

Training Day, Time  and Venue

Tuesday and Thursday : School

Time : 1500hrs to 1800hrs

English Drama

drama 1.jpgdrama 2.jpg

Hai Sing Catholic School Drama Club is a vibrant CCA that hopes to cultivate an innovative and creative mind that thrives on challenges and innovation and embraces the performing arts. It provides an opportunity for students to learn the various aspects of theatre, which include stage etiquette, acting skills, props/set design and building as well as costumes and make up skills. The Drama Club put up its first public performance in 2018, the Clean & Green Singapore Carnival held at Wisma Geylang organised by the South East Community Development Council (SECDC) and National Environment Agency (NEA). The students also perform during school assembly celebrations for Chinese New Year, National Day, Racial Harmony Day and International Friendship Day. The students preparely intensively for various performances and pit against other schools in the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation Competition held once every two years. Through various school and public performances, the budding actors gain confidence and display their talent during their engaging performances. In addition to putting up performances, the Drama Club also learns from the professionals on the importance of characterisation and utilisation of props by visiting various school and international plays as part of a learning journey. The Drama Club’s vision is to maximise each and every member’s potential in their area of theatrework interest and talent so as to grow the Drama Club as a team.

Teachers In Charge

1. Ms Bharathi (IC)
2. Ms Juliana Lee (2IC)
3. Ms Siti Nurhuda

Training Day, Time  and Venue

Monday & Thursday -  School

Time : 1530hrs to 1730hrs