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Head of Department

  • Ms Ong Siew Choo Lindy 

Key Personnel

  • Mr Gng Kuan Lai, Stanley  (HOD, CCE)

Lead Teacher

  • Dr Radha Devi R.O.


  • Ms Ho Hui Ying ( Acting SH )
  • Mr Edmund Tham
  • Mr Liang Tianfa
  • Mr Rafi Bin Mohamed Rais
  • Mr Mohd Zulkifli
  • Mdm Zaibon Nisah Bte A. Hamid
  • Ms Bharathi Jayakumaran
  • Ms Wendy Koh
  • Ms Millicent Chua
  • Mdm Zhao Xuying
  • Ms Lim Xin Yi
  • Mr Asraf  Bin Mohtar
  • Ms Goh Eng Lam (Sophia)
  • Ms Tan Wan Ting
  • Ms Lee Wan Xin
  • Ms Grace Eu
  • Mr Ng Boon Hian
  • Mr Alvin Chua


  • Ms Karthiga


To nurture Logical Thinkers, Analytical Problem Solvers and Creative Minds


Aligned to the school learning direction, the Mathematics department has infused Assessment for Learning (AfL) and Differentiated Instruction (DI) in our Mathematics lessons to meet the different learning needs of our pupils.
The Mathematics curriculum at Hai Sing Catholic is broad-based at the lower secondary covering a wide range of concepts, skills and processes. At the upper secondary levels, pupils do a more in-depth study into various strands. A spiral approach is adopted for each strand, with interdisciplinary connections made.

Our team of teachers believes in always seeking innovative pedagogical approaches to make the learning of Math fun and dynamic. The curriculum incorporates a variety of learning experiences like classroom teaching, small group teaching and competition training. The curriculum emphasizes strong pupil engagement and participation in learning activities that help maximize their learning. Annual Math trails aim to enhance and enrich their learning experiences outside the classroom. Through these activities, pupils are given the opportunity to apply their mathematical knowledge to investigate situations, model real-life phenomena and solve problems.

Special Programs

1. Singapore Mathematics Olympiad
2. Australian Mathematics Competition
3. Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO)