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Character Development


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Head of Department


  • Mr Stanley Gng Kuan Lai

Key Personnel


  • Ms Christine Sarah Toh Mui Leng (SH Student Management) 


  • Ms Rafidah Banu Bte Abdul Razak

Student Development Team

  • Ms Evelyn Yong (AED LBS)
  • Ms Ambika Janardanan (AED Counselling)  


Character Development Highlights

Character Development at Hai Sing Catholic School strives to instill positive habits in our students with the belief that positive habits develop good character. We aim to nurture the students to be responsible and dutiful citizens who exercise leadership qualities that are centered in sound values and exhibit effective life-skills. 

The six key areas of character development in our school are: Values Inculcation, Skills Development, Emotional Management, Behavioral Management, Student Leadership Development and Active Citizenship. These six areas are emphasized in both our curricular and non-curricular programmes, encompassing the five domains of Social Emotional Learning (Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management and Responsible Decision Making), embedded with Truth and Charity. 

Values Inculcation, Skills Development

Our Life-skills, Ethics and Values (LEaVes)  programme integrates Social & Emotional Learning (SEL), Civics & Moral Education (CME)  and Education and Career Guidance (ECG)  into one learning package. “Circles” is a structured, distinctive form of group work that was introduced this year to allow for the development of individual SEL and to improve Teacher-Student  relationship. 



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Emotional Management, Behavioural Management

Hai Sing believes that good habits cultivate positive behaviors and promote emotional well-being. Our school’s Full-Time School Counsellor (FTSC)  and Allied Educator for Learning Behavioral Support (AED  LBS) provide effective support for students’ emotional well-being and those with special needs. The Pupil Management  Team carried out programmes such as Best Performance Class (BPC), Good Deeds Award (GDA)  and Personal Care (PC) to promote positive behavior and emotional management in the school 

Student Leadership Development

As our students develop their core values and fundamental social and emotional competencies, those who exhibit strong leadership potential will build upon the foundation of their character development in the HAI Leadership Academy (HLA). 

The HLA adopts servant-leadership as a guiding philosophy and encourages the Student Leaders to seek opportunities to serve and lead. A holistic student leadership approach captured in the HLA motto, “To Lead is to Serve”, empowers student leaders to raise the quality of community life and thereby nurture their leadership potential. In line with the HLA motto, the student leaders engage themselves actively in serving the community, both within and outside school. These Student Leaders serve as bridges between the students and the teachers via the 6 tracks of Student Leaders: Prefects, Peers Support Leaders, Sports Leaders, Technology Leaders, National Education Ambassadors and Environment Ambassadors. 

Values In Action (VIA)

This year, we carried on with our journey to create deep-rooted sustainable relationships with the community so that the students have a sense of continuity in their involvement through their years in the school. We had collaborated with “nobody Enjoys being Ordinary” (nEbO)  and engaged our students in community involvement with NTUC Elder Care Centres and Tampines Family Service Centre. With the structured CIP projects that we have organised, we hope to nurture the students to realise the contribution and impact that they can deliver to our community and develop a sense continuous and meaningful community


 Values In Action (VIA)   Values In Action (VIA)


Active Citizenship

International Friendship Day

The focus of the International Friendship week this year was to be a friend to people around us. The students learnt about the importance of having good diplomatic relationships with other countries and also the importance of having foreign talents in Singapore. The highlight of the week was the angel and mortal games that the students played within their classes and the graduating classes received cards made by the non-graduating classes. The Craft & Technology Department and the Humanities Department also carried out lessons which infused the importance of International relationship.


International Friendship Day


Racial Harmony Day

The theme for this year’s Racial Harmony week was “Music is Life, Our Lives”. Our focus that week was on Performance Arts of various cultures. Three competitions were held during the course of the week – the Secondary 1 students had their Indian Dance Competition, the Secondary 2 students had a Lion Dance Competition while the Secondary 3 students tried their hands on Dikir Barat. All these competitions were held in the hall. The week culminated with a Global Village where we set up music stations for the Lower Secondary students to visit and try playing various instruments.


Racial Harmony Day

National Day




Community Involvement Programmes:

Secondary 1 – CIP Skipping Challenge


Secondary 1 students gathered in the hall with great excitement, waiting to skip their way through to contribute to the community of the needy. They took the skipping ropes, made sure that the counters were working and waited for the start-off. 

A five-minute skip for each student during every turn, was only a short amount of time, but, it was a race against time. Many did not stop while skipping, even though their faces were turning red,and their hearts were pounding with fervency. After each turn,the students would check their number of skips and calculate how many products or hampers they have managed to accumulate.What’s more impressive was that some students were asking to take one additional turn as they truly wanted to give all they can. 

Every 1,000 skips (accumulated) is equivalent to a food hamper and every 300 skips is equivalent to a product within the food hamper. Ultimately, the Secondary 1 students did a good total of 145 624 skips and contributed approximately 145 hampers. 

This Skipping Challenge is organised by the Southeast CDC, sponsored by CP, the food company. It is the Second year, where our school is collaborating with the Southeast CDC  in this event. Last year, the skipping challenge was participated by the current batch of Secondary 2 students when they were in Secondary 1.




Creative hamper


For the hamper wrapping, students displayed teamwork and creativity as they came together to wrap the stationery that they have bought beforehand. Some have arranged the pens and pencils to form rockets, bears, or simply in the form of a hamper. All was done with the hope of bringing joy to the children, the joy of receiving an aesthetically appealing gift, and also a practical one that can help in their learning. 

The children of the prisoners serve as a branch from Salvation Army. These children are taken care by the grandparents who do not have a main source of income, therefore, they experience the difficulty of providing these children with stationery, on top of the basic necessities.




Secondary 2 – PEN Sleeves and Cushion Making

As current generation of technology natives, typing could be their forte. Even though the lack of nimbleness was a challenge, it still did not deter the Secondary 2 students from doing their part for the children of the prisoners. 

The students bought a pen each out of their pocket money, and wove words of encouragement, which were enhanced through the use of two different colored threads. 

Having to use sticky tape to hold the strings in place, the students delicately and strategically planned their moves to weave so as to obtain the desired letter. It is definitely no small feat, but the thought of being able to bless the others, with a gift to write, and be educated, spurs them on. 

Cushion Making

Being compassionate students, the previous project has not discouraged them from embarking on another making of creative gifts.These cushy gifts are made for the elderly whom the Secondary 3 students have been visiting. As the elderly tend to sit on stiff and uncomfortable chairs, cushions are made for them so as to alleviate their body aches.

 As the Secondary 2 students’ journey progresses next year, they will be able to meet the recipient of all their wonderful gifts. They will in turn continue the visitations to the eldercare centres that the Secondary 3 students have started. 

Secondary 3 - Visit to Eldercare Centre

Sitting in groups and discussing about the types of activities was the preparation of the Secondary 3 students. Their aim was to engage the old people at the eldercare centre. This was a chance to exhibit their talents that their parents have cultivated in them. They did research on the songs that the elderly liked to listen to during their younger days, and found the music scores for them. The musicians got together with the singers and practised the songs, like “Chan Mali Chan” (Malay) and “The moon represents my heart” (Chinese). 

The elderly were deeply engrossed in the mesmerising violin performance. During those days, few people used the violin, so using the violin to replicate the retro songs, brought a different touch of vintage to it. 

At the end of the trip, some students learnt more about the journey of life. They learnt to cherish their family members, and understood the fact that time waits for no man. 

This year the school reached out to NTUC Eldercare centres in Pasir Ris and Punggol South, while continuing our partnership with LBSA with visits to their eldercare centre in Ang Mo Kio. The visits have been a mutually beneficial relationship and provided a good platform to improve the interaction between two different generations.


CIP 3b.jpg


Secondary 4 & 5 – Flag Day

With hands stretched out and a ready smile, our students scoured the streets of our island. One coin at a time and soon the jingling of the coins is no longer so hollow in the tin can. For each helping hand that gave, there were so many that just walked away. But they persisted under the warm sun, each rejection just fuelled them on to try harder, their smile and enthusiasm never waning. They return with their tins heavy, legs and hands tired, but with spirits high and satisfaction painted clearly on their faces. Satisfied in the knowledge, that they had made a difference in someone’s lives. 

This year we were able to help three organisations in their charity efforts, Society for the Physically Disabled, Ain Society and Disabled People’s Association. 


Flag Day


Flag Day