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Infocomm Club


The Infocomm club is a student interest group that often works silently behind the scenes. On a daily basis, the club provides videography, photography, light and sound support for school activities such as the weekly assemblies, after-recess assemblies, Speech Day and Racial Harmony Day. In fact, almost every photograph of school events that appear in video montages and photo galleries in the school is the work of our very own Infocomm club members.The Infocomm club has come a long way but their enthusiasm in providing support services to the school community has never faded.


The Infocomm Club also actively participates in competitions organised by various organisations such as the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and the Nanyang Polytechnic. The current projects which our members are participating include the National Infocomm Club Awards (NICA), the Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC) and the School Digital Media Awards (SDMA). As part of the preparatory work, Infocomm members are trained to design their own avatars and make an animation or a game using open-source software.  They are trained in video editing to create short videos, animations and advertisements.


Training Schedule


Day : Every Tuesday.  Additional trainings on Fridays for PA and Photography crew, and Competition teams

                                         Sec 1, Selected Sec 2 & 3: Fri 2.30 - 4.30pm

Time : 330-530pm

Venue : Computer Lab 2 & School Hall

Teacher in charge


  • Mr Edmund Tham


  • Mr Jeffrey Quek Yen Lin

2nd  In-charge

  • Ms Nur Fadlun


  • Ms Esther Khoo





Student Leaders/Student Executive Committee





  • Lew Voon How

4 Truth


  • Choo Rui Zhong

4 Truth



 Participation & Achievements










Robotics is an increasingly popular CCA in Hai Sing Catholic School. When it first started, HRC started off with modest resources in LEGO –RCX and 9 students. In that year, HRC sent our first school team to compete in the inaugural First Lego League. Since then, HRC has grown to include 35 students competing in various major national competitions. Over the years, the school has built up its resources and HRC has been expanding our training programmes into multiple platforms such as VEX Robotics System, Roborobo Robotics System and other robotics system.




History of HSC Robotics

History of HSC Robotics

Model of the Robotics CCA

All newly recruited secondary one students will undergo test to determine their specialised group. There are a total of three groups as followed: 

Group One: This group of students will be trained under the Vex robotics system. They will undergo rigours training to represents the school and country to participate in the Asia Pacific Vex and World Vex Robotics Championship. 

Group Two: The majority of the students will fall into this group. They will be exposed to general robotics system such as the Lego – EV3, Korean Roborobo system and US Tetrix Robotics System. 

Group Three: A selected group of students whom are technology savvy will be put under this special project group to design and test industrial systems like Labview National Instrumental and Arduino System. 


Our Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure


Singapore Youth Flying Club



The aim of the Singapore Youth Flying Club (SYFC) CCA programme is to encompass students to develop their full potential in skills, leadership, character and physical aspects. A trained and qualified instructor is attached to the school to carry out the training and provide relevant guidance to the students. The CCA requires all the students to be disciplined and engaged in the different aspects of the Youth Flying Club.




SYFC will also look out for courses and/or training programmes for the students so that the CCA programme is kept exciting and relevant at all times. Courses are reviewed annually:


Year 1: Junior Aviators’ Course

Year 2: Flight Leaders’ Course

Year 3: Aviation Instructors’ Course

Year 4: Aviation Trainers’ Course (Subjected to selection)

Post-Secondary School: Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL)


Training Schedule

Day : Every Wednesdays (all students); Saturdays (Special Interest Group)

Time : Wed, 3 pm to 5:45 pm; Sat (depends on SYFC)

Venue : Wed (School & Music IT Room ); Sat (SYFC HQ)


Teacher in charge

  • Ms. Rafidah Banu Abdul Razak

       In - Charge

  • Mr. Liang Tianfa

     2nd In - Charge

  • Nurlyana Mohd Bahtiaraff

   Teacher In - Charge


Student Leaders/Student Executive Committee


  • Evelyn Koh Linyi

3 Truth

  • President
  • Ling Zhi Wei, Jake

3 Compassion

  • Vice-President



Participation & Achievements



Participation in SYFC Inter-school Aero-modelling Competition 2015

& attained Electronic Control Line - Champion 

Participation in World Control Line Aeromodelling Championship 2014 in Poland (Serbert Fong)


National Aeromodelling Championship (Individual Prizes), Interschool Flight Simulator Competition and Interschool Aeromodelling Competition (Individual Prizes)


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