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Uniformed Group


NCC              NPCC           SJAB

National Cadet Corps



Hai Sing NCC Corp is the group of dedicated NCC (Land) Cadets groomed and dedicated to learn about the defence of our lovely country, Singapore. 



Camp FORGE (Sec 1s)

Camp STEEL (Sec 2s)

SPECIALIST Course (Sec 3s)

SENIOR SPEC Course (Selected Sec 3s)

Basic Survival Course (Sec 1)

Intermediate Survival Course (Sec 2)


NCC Orienteering Competition (Sec 3s)

NCC IMT (Computerised) Shooting Competition (Sec  2)

NCC Live Round Shooting Competitions (Sec 3)

NCC Futsal Tournament

Water Activities

Dragon Boating (Sec 1)

Kayaking Orientation Course (Sec 1)

Kayaking 1-Star Course (Sec 2)

Annual Kayaking Expedition (All)


First Aid Course (Sec 2)

Advanced Drill Instructor Course (Sec 3)

Physical Instructor Course (Sec 3)


Training Schedule

Day : Tuesday (And certain Thursdays)

Time : 1500-1800

Venue : School Compound


Teacher in charge

Mr Raihan Bin Omar

In - Charge

Ms Millicent Chua

2nd In - Charge

Mr Seow Han Chien,

Mr Fauzan Abdul Rahhim

Mr Jonathan Tan




Student Leaders/Student Executive Committee

MSG Syed Ahmad Syed Agil

4 Graciousness

Unit Sergeant Major

MSG Adly Hakim B Nasdian

4 Charity

Asst. Sergeant Major

National Police Cadet Corps





The National Police Cadet Corps in Hai Sing Catholic School embraces the following motto when it comes to the conduct of its daily affairs: Truth to Self, Truth to Family and Truth to Nation. This is the fundamental belief of the unit and we hope to inculcate this into every cadet where one is able to adopt the virtue of integrity as a core pillar in their daily living. The unit continuously strives to give its best in every event undertaken and we look forward to the continuous support of the school management for the all activities rendered and organized.




Training Schedule: Every Tuesday, 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm and certain Saturdays


The NPCC Training Framework

The 6As of NPCC Learning Path

The NPCC 6As Learning Path serves as an overarching framework that provides directions in the training and development of NPCC members.

The 6As – namely Aware, Acquire, Actuate, Aspire, Achieve and Aim – defines the progressive learning path of a cadet from a new recruit at Secondary One to a youth leaders and an officer. It also identifies the six desired training outcomes of its programmes. 



Training Framework

The NPCC Training Framework

The 6As of NPCC Learning Path

The NPCC 6As Learning Path serves as an overarching framework that provides directions in the training and development of NPCC members.

The 6As – namely Aware, Acquire, Actuate, Aspire, Achieve and Aim – defines the progressive learning path of a cadet from a new recruit at Secondary One to a youth leaders and an officer. It also identifies the six desired training outcomes of its programmes.


Level 1
(Sec 1)

AWARE of Self, Others, SPF and NPCC

Knowing oneself

Level 2
(Sec 2)

ACQUIRE skills and knowledge

Stepping out and interacting

Level 3
(Sec 3)

ACTUATE as leader

First taste of taking charge

Level 4/5
(Sec 4/5)

ASPIRE to serve

Stepping out to lead

Youth Leaders

ACHIEVE competency in skills and knowledge

Leading others


AIM to nuture

Developing others


Training Framework

The key areas of emphasis in our training include law enforcement, national education, leadership, resilience, personal development, character development, innovation and enterprise. From the time a cadet is enrolled in NPCC, he will undergo structured training to acquire skills and knowledge that will help him thrive in 21st century.


The subject matters within each area of training are as follows:




Law Enforcement - LAND



- Police Knowledge Proficiency Course
- General Law
- Crime Prevention
- Community Safety & Security Programme / Police Youth Ambassador Programme
- Homefront Security Course
- Weapons Training (.22 Revolver)
- Road Safety Training
- Anti-drug Abuse Training (SANA Courses)
- Crime Scene Investigation

National Education

- Total Defence Course
- Civil Defence Course
- National Heritage Course (Optional)


- Communication Skills
- Facilitation Skills
- Leadership and Mentoring Skills (LMSC)
- Camp Organisation
- Cadet Leader Drill Course


- Footdrills
- Campcraft*
- Adventure Training Camps (ATC)
- Survival Training Camp (STC)
- High Ropes Challenge

* For LAND units only

Personal Development

- First Aid Training
- Life Saving Training
- NASSA Swimming
- Boat Handling Course
- Kayaking Course
- ATF Trainers & Instructors Course
- Training-of-Trainers Course for Water Confidence Jump & Rafting
- Facilitation Training


Training Outcomes

The training outcomes are :

• to be morally upright citizens who are law abiding
• to be citizens who possess integrity
• to be selfless individuals who contribute to the safety and security of the community
• to be resilient individuals who persevere in adverse and rugged contexts
• to demonstrate traits of leadership and
• to be entrepreneurial and global in outlook so that they can adapt to changing contexts.


Other Special Events Participated

  • NPCC Annual Parade
  • Singapore Youth Festival
  • National Day Parade
  • NPCC Service Day
  • Outward Bound Overseas
  • Inter-Unit Drill Competition, Inter-Unit Campcraft Competition, Inter-Unit Quiz Competition, .22 Revolver Shooting Competition, Inter-Area Project Competition, Physical Fitness Competition, Cooking Competition, Games Day
  • Values-In-Action Projects
  • Uniform Group Overseas Trip ( Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia)
  • Sandcastle Building
  • Standard First Aid
  • Laser Tag



Unit Overall Performance Assessment (UOPA)

2013           Gold Award

2012           Gold Award

2011           Gold Award

Singapore Police Force – NPCC Badge Award (the pinnacle award for cadets in NPCC)

2013  SI(NPCC) Mavis Yap Shi Hui

NPCC Annual .22 Revolver Shooting Competition

2013 Boys Team(3rd) Taiyeb Mustafa Singaporewala, Brendan Tan Xuan  Ming

Samuel Ong Jia Jun, Bryant Teh Wei Long, Chan Tze Yan Bryan      

Other Achievements


Organization Structure 


The unit is divided into four levels; Secondary 1 to 4/5. 

Each level is under the purview of a teacher officer and assisted by 1 Cadet Inspector and 2 Non-commisioned Officer appointed from the Secondary 3/4 level. 

Officers will serve on a rotational basis whereby the teacher officer will follow the cadet up to the next level until the cadet's graduation from the CCA. This is to help to establish a rapport and close camaraderieship between cadet and officer. The unit is also divided into various departments that is responsible for the running of the administrative, logistical and training of the cadets in the various levels.


Officers & Instructors

OC Unit   


ASP (NPCC) Joyce Chan Shiying


Teacher Officers / Teachers 

Ms Caroline Toh

Ms Ho Hui Ying

Ms Grace Eu

Mr Benedict Ng

Honorary Officers

H/ASP (NPCC) John Mak

H/Insp (NPCC) James Tham


Cadet Inspectors

CI (NPCC) Ian Tan Guan Ming

CI (NPCC) Ray Tan Guan Ray

P/CI (NPCC) Chia Miao Xin

P/CI (NPCC) Mavis Yap Shi


Station Inspectors

SI (NPCC) Lam Ke Jye Leon (2014)

SI (NPCC) Teo Shi Hui Vanessa (2014)

Please visit Hai Sing Catholic NPCC Unit Webpage for more details.

St  John’s Brigade



With the motto, For the Service of Mankind, St John Ambulance Brigade aims to equip all cadets with the basic first aid skills and knowledge, so that they are able to render first aid in times of all emergencies such as epidemics, clinic and hospital duties. Cadets are strongly encouraged to give back to the community by providing first aid coverage at National, public and other events.



  • Zone 10 First Aid and Home Nursing Competition
  • National First Aid and Home Nursing Competition



  • Basic NCO Exam [Sec 2]
  • Advanced NCO Camp [Sec 3]
  • Hospital Attachment in December [Sec 2 &3]
  • CPR - AED Exam
  • Basic First Aid (BFA) Exam
  • Adult First Aid (AFA) Exam
  • Heart Saver Course
  • Knowledge Order of St John
  • Basic Cardio Life Support (BCLS) Exam
  • Total Defence Course


HQ Events

  • Annual General Inspection
  • Walkathon
  • Flag Day

Training Schedule

Day : Tuesday, Saturday [Competition Trainings]

Time : 3.30 – 6.30pm, 8am – 4pm

Venue : Hai Sing Catholic School


Teacher in charge

  • Ms Sabrina Thang

In - Charge

  • Ms Lim Xin Yi

2nd In - Charge

  • Ms Lee Wan Xin


  • Mr Cheng Yi Meng




Student Leaders/Student Executive Committee

  • Gillian Chia

4 Truth

  • NCO
  • Germaine Chia

4 Charity

  • NCO
  • Cheryl Loh

4 Compassion

  • NCO
  • Tan Mei Yi

4 Truth

  • NCO
  • Ethan Quah

4 Integrity

  • NCO
  • Auni Darwisyah

4 Adaptability

  • NCO
  • Chung Jia Jun

4 Adaptability

  • NCO
  • Lin Yixiu

4 Truth

  • NCO
  • Weng Qi Ying

4 Truth

  • NCO
  •  Shen Hao Jie

 4 Graciousness

  •  NCO



 Participation & Achievements


  • Zone 10 First Aid and Home Nursing Competition 2013:
    • Nursing Adult Team:
    • Home Nursing - Champion
    • First Aid case - Champion
    • Footdrill - 1st Runner-up
    • Overall - Champion
    • Nursing Team - Best team leader
    • Ambulance Cadet Team
    • First Aid Long case - Champion
    • First Aid Short case - Champion
    • Footdrill - 7th position
    • Overall - Champion
    • Nursing Cadet Team
      • Home Nursing - Champion
      • First Aid - Champion
      • Footdrill - 2nd Runner-up
      • Overall - Champion