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Head Of Department


  • Mr Tan Kok Chong (Acting HOD)

Key Personnel

  • Mr Lim Meng Thong (HOD ICT)
  • Ms Tey Li Shun (HOD Special Projects)
  • Mr Jeffrey Quek (SH Student Leadership)


[listed in order with dept photo]

3rd Row - Mr Liang Tianfa, Mr Eugene Ng , Mr Mukmien Bin Mohammad Kassim , Mr Alvin Chua, Mr Mohammed Fazley Bin Alias 

2nd Row - Ms Sing Geok Qing, Ms Felicia Teo,  Ms Caroline Toh, Ms Millicent Chua, Ms Tracy Yeo, Ms Wendy Koh,  Ms Lee Wan Xin,  Ms Bharathi Jayakumaran, Ms Lee Mei Ling  , Ms Goh Eng Lam

1st Row (Seated) -Mr Choo Hong Gang, Mr Tan Kok Chong, Mr Lim Meng Thong, Mrs Margaret Teo, Mr Shah Dhaval Prabhaker,  Mrs Sharon Kang  


  • Mr Mohammed Fazley bin Alias

Lab Technician

  • Ms Tan Sze Lih
  • Mdm Wahidah Esa



Passionate Learners, Scientific Inquirers, Responsible Stewards of the Environment

We believe that when students learn science with passion, they can achieve more. In alignment with the Science Curriculum Framework, the spirit of scientific inquiry is central to our department’s progammes. Together with a passionate heart for learning and a curious mind for inquiring, our science students can grow into responsible stewards of the environment.   

(A) To stimulate passion in the learning of Science through exploratory activities and competitions   

 C.B Paul Science Quiz | NYP Science and Technology Challenge | Hai Sing Exploration Week (HEW) Mangrove Swamp Trail   

 C.B Paul Science Quiz 


Organised by ACJC Science and Maths Council, secondary school students are invited to prove their prowess in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and computer science through a series of tests, for more often than not these questions posed go beyond textbook content.  


NYP Science & Technology Challenge

This is an event where students learn to apply science concepts through experimenting. Through experimenting, they learn to try, fail, and try again.  The organisers are constantly creating novel tasks each year. Some of the challenges include: to build a bridge that can hold the greatest weight, to design a catapult that can project ping pong balls with accuracy, to create the fastest wind powered vehicle


HEW Mangrove Swamp Trail

Students are brought to the mangrove swamp to appreciate biodiversity and the importance of the conservation of environment. During the trail, students complete tasks at checkpoints on their iPads


(B) To stretch strong Science students as Scientific Inquirers through research projects and competition

Innovation Programme (IvP) | East Zone A*STAR Science Fair Competition @ VJC | Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad

Innovation Programme (IvP)

Organised by the Gifted Education Branch, participants work actively on a self-selected project to develop solutions for real world problems through working with innovation-mentors who usually comes from Institutes of Higher Learning. IvP culminates in the Young Innovators' Fair, where selected participants showcase their projects through a stage presentation and poster exhibition. A prototype of the product, developed by the pupil(s), would also be featured in the Fair.



East Zone A*STAR Science Fair Competition @ VJC

The East Zone A*STAR Science Fair is held every year to give secondary school students the experience of conducting an investigative science project and provide students with a platform to exhibit and share their findings with others.


Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad

The Singapore Junior Chemistry Olympiad (SJChO) provides a platform for all upper secondary students to challenge themselves in their chemical knowledge and skills. It also seeks to promote the excitement in learning and doing Chemistry as well as to identify and develop chemistry talents.   

The Dean’s List students from Secondary 3 and 4 Express students are selected, and training is provided for them. In Round One, the students will sit for two hour theory paper comprising Multiple Choice Questions. Shortlisted students from Round One will then participate in a Practical component of Round Two.

Achievements for 2017

C.B Paul Science QuizNYP Science & Technology ChallengeInnovation ProgrammeEast Zone A*STAR Science Fair Competition @ VJC
Lee Wan XinTan Kok ChongMillicent ChuaBharathi
Category 1 (Lower Secondary)

Silver Award and Science Talent Award

  • Faith Tan from 2 Independence 

Bronze Award

  • Gudimalla Rishi from 2 Truth 

Bronze Award

  • Joylyn Tan from 2 Integrity 

Category 2 (Upper Secondary)

Gold Award and Science Talent Award

  • Ho En Yu from 3 Truth 

Gold Award

  • Lee Kai Kiat, Ivan from 4 Charity
(Category 8)
Projectile Launcher

1st runner up

Joshua Cheng

Eryx Ngai

Glenn Ho

Bryan Chng


Team is from 3 Charity

Certificate of Commendation

“The Finder”

  • Chan Yin Yew
  • Leia Loh
  • Celeste Lai Rui-En
  • Claire Lim Yi Xuan
  • Low Jing Ying

“Solar Bloom”

  • Andric Foo Yongjun
  • Sy Sam Andrew Bronoso
  • Neo Hao Siong Samuel
  • Lim Jia Rong, Glenn
  • Chen Shuyang

Certificate of Participation


  • Tayla Poh Tang Lin
  • Shannon Ong Kai Lin
  • Esther Kho Yining
  • Gwen Thng Yunning
  • Stefanie Thalia Lie

  • Nicole Tan Ying Xuan
  • Yoanna Lynne Canja Dela Cruz
  • Tham Russell Kay
  • Tan Wei Zhi
  • S Levin
“Magnetic Filter”

  • Chua Yun En
  • Goh Shao Xian Adrian
  • Loh Zi Xin
  • Ho Yu Hong

East Zone Category

Merit Award

“Investigation of the Effect of Storing Meat Uncovered in the Refrigerator on Meat Quality”

  • Gan Chen Fong
  • Sayan Paul
  • Jacob Kwan
  • Denzel Wong

 Team is from 3 Compassion