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Robotics DSA Criteria

DSA Criteria

Robotics & Engineering is open to all Primary 6 pupils who have two or more of the following competencies.

Competency One                  :  Robotics building and programming skills.

Competency Two                  :  Awards in Robotics, ICT or Science-related competitions.

Competency Three               :  The student must obtain at least a Very Good conduct grade with relevant leadership skills during the last 2 years in Primary School Education.

Examples of Competency One:  

Relevant Skill Set

Experiences in


Critical and Inventive Thinking Skill  


·        Robot design and construction



1.     LEGO – RCX / NXT

2.     VEX Robotics System

3.     Roborobo - Line Tracing Robot

4.     Roborobo -  The Transporter

5.     Robo Soccer

6.     Obstacle Avoidance Robot


Cognitive and Analytical Skill  


·        Robot Programming Skill


1.     LEGO - RoboLab

2.     LEGO - Mindstorm

3.     VEX Programming – easyC

4.     Roborobo Programming


Examples of Competency Three:

Relevant Skill Set

Experiences in

Leadership Skill

·        Strategic thinking 

·        Impact & Influence 

·        Leadership 

·        Independence 

·        Inventive thinking 

·        Good communication and Presentation Skills

1. School prefect
2. CCA leader
3. Class Committee
4. Project Team Leader
5. Public Speaking eg: Presenter, Student Reporter, Student Ambassador