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Student Leadership Development Through Uniformed Groups

Hai Sing Catholic School’s Learning for Life Programme is in Student Leadership.  As such, an integrated approach is undertaken to develop the following Key Leadership Qualities in students in uniformed groups:
  • Knowing myself and others 
  • Leading with humility, confidence and integrity          
  • Responsible decision making with compassion for others          
  • Collaborating with others          
  • Envisioning goals, Empowering others          
  • Being exemplary          
  • Building harmonious teams     

Uniformed Group activities also aim to make good citizen of students by inculcating in them self-reliance, resilience, responsibility and discipline. Hai Sing Catholic School regards Uniformed Groups as one of our pillars of character development and student leadership education.  

The Uniformed groups offered in Hai Sing Catholic School are:

1.National Cadet Corps (NCC)
2.National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC)
3.St John Brigade (SJB)

DSA Admission Criteria

Direct School Admission (DSA) – Student Leadership development through Uniformed Groups (UG) Criteria

In this DSA exercise, we are looking for promising Primary 6 pupils who exhibit the following:

     i.   Exemplary Conduct and Behaviour 

  1. Attain an Overall Conduct Grade of “Excellent” in the previous year’s Final Grade and the current year in Semester One.  
  2. Candidates with “Very Good” and demonstrated exemplary conduct and behavior will also be considered.     
  3. Candidates who have demonstrated great resilience and grit will also be considered.         

    ii.   Strong Leadership Qualities 

  1. Demonstrate consistency and commitment to development by attaining at least 90 % attendance for the CCA in the previous year and the current year in Semester One.    
  2. Demonstrate strong potential for further leadership development by assuming key leadership positions in their CCA for at least a year.    
  3. Demonstrate excellence through strong individual attainment in progress schemes/awards in the various Uniformed Groups : 

  • Scouts:                     Akela Award         
  • Boys Brigade:         Chief Leading Boy AND Gold Award         
  • Brownies:                Chief Commissioner Award          
  • Red Cross:               Directors Award          


Shortlisted applicants will be further assessed through an interview where they will be given an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and competencies.   

Successful applicants will join a uniformed group of choice in Hai Sing Catholic School. They will also be expected to remain in that uniformed group throughout their years in the school.   

While progressing to a secondary school uniformed group with directly related skills is strongly encouraged, switching to a new uniformed group is still acceptable. This means although the school would strongly encourage a Red Cross student to progress to St John Brigade, the applicant may also opt to join National Cadet Corp instead.

Achievements of Uniformed Groups

The school has sustained achievements in the Uniformed Groups over many years





NPCC Unit Overall Proficiency (National)

Outstanding Achievement :
Sustained achievement of GOLD Award (2011 - 2019)


SJB – Corp Achievement Award (National)

Outstanding Achievement :
Sustained achievement of GOLD Award (2012 - 2017)
SILVER Award (2018)

BRONZE Award (2019)


NCC - Best Unit Competition (National)

Outstanding Achievement :
Sustained achievement of GOLD Award (2013 - 2014, 2016 - 2017)
SILVER Award (2015)
Best Unit Competition: Distinction (2018 & 2019)

The consecutive excellent achievements in the uniformed groups is a testimony of our rigorous and engaging program.