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Serving with Heart for 52 years

A teacher for 52 years, and still as passionate about educating the young as he was then as a tall, fair handsome young man who enrolled in the Teachers’ Training College (TTC) in 1961; a man who continues to inspire his younger colleagues; who finds contentment and happiness in his career; a gentleman-teacher who serves with heart, for his students, his school and his country.


Mr Lee Kwong Wah is in the back row, sixth from the left.

The Principal, Mr Tan Wai Peck is at the second row, with a striped tie.


Mr Lee Kwong Wah is a 79 year old teacher at Hai Sing Catholic School. He began his 52 year journey in 1959 as a teacher at Joo Koon Chinese Primary School in a Tuas village, before his formal training at TTC. He also taught at Kong Yiong High School in Yio Chu Kang, which later merged with Zhonghua Middle School in Serangoon. He joined Hai Sing Catholic School in 1990 and taught till 2002. After a four year retirement break, he was invited back to teach by the then Principal, Mrs Mary Koh. Mr Lee re-joined the school in 2006. 

Mr Lee’s calling as a teacher was inspired by his neighbours who were teachers. Mr Lee recalls that every time he passed his neighbours house, he observed that the married couple were happy and contented as they marked their students’ work. He was convinced that that was the life he aspired for, a life as teacher in service to the nation. 

A loving husband, he lives life with a passion, a life inspired by the values he believes in. He sings the National Anthem and recites the Pledge with gusto as a proud Singaporean. He shares his values with students and staff through his stories about his life experiences. 

He is confident that our young are inherently good who merely needed the right values to guide them through the complexities and demands of life. He especially requests to teach Normal Technical classes because he aspires to mould them to be upright young men and women, and good citizens. 

He amazes his colleagues with his beautiful manuscript like writing which many teachers find too painful to erase from the whiteboard. His neat table puts many to shame!


Mr Lee is seated at the second row from the front and seventh from the right.


While Mr Lee has witnessed many changes in the educational landscape, he has journeyed on with a stout heart, driven by his desire to serve and to contribute. He continues to demonstrate the fine values of a Singapore Teacher, one who leads, cares and inspires everyone. We are indeed very blessed and extremely proud of Mr Lee Kwong Wah. 




Mr Lee Kwong Wah with co-Form Teacher Mr Shah.