Hai Sing Catholic School 
Staff Achievements 

Strategic Thrust 3 – Staff Development 2016

Lead Teacher for Mathematics – Dr Radha Devi

MOE PS21 Star Service Award 2016 – Mdm Rossita Binte Eesa

Academy of S’pore Teachers’ Professional Sharing-  Ms Sabrina Thang and Mdm Rafidah conducted a sharing on “Flipped Classroom Lesson on Sensory Evaluation” to Secondary School Nutrition and Food Science Teachers.

Malay Language Seminar  2016 - Mdm Siti Rahainni and Mdm Kamariah presented a paper/study/PLC entitled “Enriching Students Vocabulary” 
Ms Christine Sarah Toh is appointed as Art director for YIA-Education Portal, EZ Centre of Excellence for the creative Arts (COECA) Working Committee 2016.

World Association of Lesson Study 2016 (in Britain). Dr Radha Devi presenting “Differentiation and Flipping – A Harmonious Match in Mathematics”

Nutrition and Food Science Unit, CPDD- Ms Sabrina Thang facilitated a workshop on ‘Infusing ICT into NFS lessons’.

CPDD Geography Symposium 2016- Mr Tafran shared on “An Inquiry Approach to Using ArcGIS (Geographical Information System) in the Geography Classroom.

Interview by ZaoBao Newspaper 2016 -  Mr Cheng Yi Meng was interviewed for his participation in a National Archives Project on S’pore History. He encouraged his students to use non-EL source materials for their Historical Inquiry Project.

Math (Sec) CCG Meeting – Ms Tan Wan Ting shared on “Problems in Real World Context” . Ms Lim Xin Yi, Mr Eugene Guo shared on “Flipped Classroom Strategies” 

Sci (Sec) CCG Meeting - Ms Lee Mei Ling conducted a Chemistry Signature Lesson on teaching strategies eg Card Game, Mid Maps. 

Coral Secondary  School Annual Professional Learning Day 2016 – Dr Radha Devi invited to be Keynote Speaker.