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Applied Learning Programme



Robotics & Engineering answers the MOE‘s call for “Developing 21st Century Competencies” in school. The school recognises that Robotics can be an important avenue for our pupils to develop important qualities such as “Information and Communication Skills” and “Critical and Inventive Thinking”. Robotics can also serve as an important platform to incorporate the 21st century competencies in the academic curriculum and the programmes offered are integral to a holistic educational experience for our students. 
In alignment to the school‘s vision, mission and the new strategic thrusts, we would like to tap on our achievement and integrate Robotics into our school academic curriculum to expand the spectrum of our holistic education. 


HSC ALP Programme - ROBOTICS & ENGINEERING. This programme encompasses 3 different domains of learning.

HSC ALP Programme


In this domain, we embark on two programmes which encompass the Science, Electronic and Robotics units that build on one another from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5.


Programme 1 – Collaborative Learning

• Inter-Disciplinary Project Work - Lower Secondary Integration. 

Science and Robotics are incorporated into Inter-Disciplinary Project Work (IPW). Under the Mentoring programme, students are taught and trained to use LEGO – NXT set to apply the theories in Physics, Biology or Chemistry into practical contextual applications.


• Project I – Upper Secondary Integration. 

This requires the students to develop self-directed learning and in-depth research revolving around Science, Technology and Robotics. Under this programme, collaborative projects will be carried out by the students with institutions of higher learning such as various Polytechnics or Junior Colleges. 


Upper Secondary Integration


Programme 2 – Self - Directed Learning

• The school aims to incorporate Robotics and Electronics into Design and Technology from Secondary One to Secondary Five. Robotics adds extra dimensions to school education. It also injects fun into the learning process and achieves concrete tangible results. Hands-on Robotics is one main approach to strengthen the link between theories and real life applications.



Our methodological training approach is focused in providing students the basic theoretical information allowing the immediate learning of Robotics in a practical and hands-on way. Students will be trained in various robotics systems revolving around design, construction and programming as they progress along the continuum. Leadership development and values inculcation will also be instilled during training. A table on the core competencies the students will be developed is as shown:

Core Competencies


Robot Programming Skills

 Leadership Values and 21st Centuries Outcomes


First Year

  • LEGO – NXT
  • Line Tracing Robot


Second Year

  • LEGO – NXT
  • VEX Robotics


Third Year

  • LEGO – NXT
  • VEX Robotics
  • OEM Robot


First Year

  • LEGO – NXT RoboLab
  • Roborobo Programming


Second Year

  • VEX – easy C



  • Civic Literacy
  • Leadership
  • Active contributor
  • Independence
  • Graciousness
  • Confidence
  • Inventive thinking
  • Cross- Cultural Skills







* Students who show high level of core competencies will be selected to represent the school.

Vex Robotics System


HSC aims to reach out to different stakeholders via our Community Involvement Programme (CIP). Under this programme, we will conduct training or organise workshops to schools to share our expertise in Robotics. Also, we will conduct sessions with under-privileged children to allow them to be exposed to LEGO – NXT, thus bringing them joy.