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Innovation Culture in Hai Sing Catholic (HSC) School 

Hai Sing Catholic School has embarked on a series of innovative programmes since 2004. In the spirit of innovation, teachers had collaboratively come together within department, inter-department. The schools has also collaborated with external agency to procreate teaching tools, administrative applications and innovative students programmes to enrich students learning experiences. 

In 2008, Hai Sing Catholic School undergoes a rigorous Singapore Innovation Class certification process to audit our school’s Innovation process and system and programmes.

Our innovation process is deep rooted within the school and is evident with a myriad of innovative programmes by the teachers and the innovative solutions that students had proposed in their projects and competition.


The innovation team identifies three main pillars to drives the innovation culture: 

1.  Innovation resources and support 


     School leaders are supportive of innovative programmes and provides supports in terms of

  •  Time and space for innovation using Professional Learning Community time and other white spaces. 
  •  3 tier Innovation Funding for low risk, mid risk and high risk projects.
  •  Time and space to implement innovation programmes into the school structure. 

School is a learning organization, hence innovation and improvement are essential for students and teachers to innovation. The school uses Hai Innovation Protocol 2.0 to help staff and students procreate solutions when they are faced with any problem. Hai Innovation Protocol 2.0 is based on the Design Thinking framework. Hai Innovation Protocol 2.0 is a standardise process for innovative thinking and analysis of problems in Hai Sing Catholic School. Staff and Students can apply the 5 steps process of Hai Innovation Protocol to conduct research for solutions and solve problems.   

Hai Innovation protocol 2.0 in Hai Sing Catholic takes the forms of FIVE stages: 


2.    Staff-Centric Innovation 

Teachers, Allied  Educator, Lab technician and Technical Assistant and School administration personnel are  required to attend courses and sharing session to implement new ideas that are shared on national platform to improve within their job scope. Within the school we have ideated and implemented 

  • Applied Learning Programme in STEM is a curriculum fully ideated and implemented within Hai Sing Catholic School.            
  • Hai 2.4KM running application which allows all school and sports organisation to track time long distance run or rowing participants           
  • E-Disciplinary module to link the attendance tracking to track late coming truancy and detention classes            
  • Slcott Student leadership competency tracking systems.             
  • Attendance taking applications            
  • ART exhibition           
  • Innovation within current programmes Humanities, Health Week and Electives Programmes.  

3. Student-centred Desired Outcomes 

Hai Innovation Programme aims to enrich our students’ educational experiences by exposing them to Hai Innovation protocol and apply for problems solving in projects. By applying Hai Innovation protocol into the various Hai Innovation Programmes encourages student’s development as a socially responsible, inventive and analytical problem solver. 

At the end of the Innovation project, the student will be equipped with 21st Century Competencies and be a: 

    1. Confident Person who        

  • thinks independently          
  • communicates effectively                   

   2. Self-Directed Learner who           

  • takes responsibility for his own learning         
  • questions, reflects and perseveres in the pursuit of learning    

  3. Active Contributor who         

  • critical and inventive thinking           
  • communication effectively in teams          
  • exercises initiative          
  • strives for excellence


2. Overview                                                                                                                           


The Hai Innovation Programme structure Innovation programmes into 3 main Areas:

1. Innovation Resources and support (Foundation)
2. Staff centric Innovation strategies (Enabler)
3. Student-Centric Innovation Programmes (Outcome)


Innovation Resources and support

Staff centric Innovation strategies

Student-Centric Innovation Programmes

1.    Infusing of Hai Innovation Protocol for school wide programmes (Adapted from Design Thinking)

For all department/ students projects

School wide project implementation.

2.    Innovation Class Certification

Alignment of Innovation Progress and programme

Feedback by students and staff to feedback on the programmes

3.    Sources of Funding

Risk management

3 tier risk system




Cluster fund

<$ 25000


Coyote fund



Innovation fund

< $ 3000

4.  Ideation for T&L Projects

Initiate Department Innovation Projects for HoDs to adopt

1.    Staff Training

Hai Innovation process training internal / external for all teachers and department during staff contact.

2.    Professional Learning Communities

A space and time for Teachers to identify current limitation and innovatively create solutions and programmes.

3.    Recognition for staff Outstanding contribution Innovation

a.    Innovative programme implemented in school.

b.    Innovative lesson conducted by staff depository for lesson observation.

c.    Staff’s innovative lessons shared on cluster/ school and national

d.    MIB Ministry idea Bank contribution

e.    Students’ project submitted for national innovation related competition.

4.  Department innovation projects

a. Art exhibition, humanities, Mother tongues fortnight, health weeks,

1.  Hai Innopreneurship programme

    Sec 1 and Sec 2/3 to learn financial literacy and investment skill and incorporate the skills to solve innovative problems.


2.  Projectwork Program

    Cascade to students via Sec 2 form teachers and CCE department Student Initiated Programmes.

3.   Applied Robotics in Learning

    Cascade innovation process into Design Engineering Programs.

     Students to apply inventive thinking to deliver prototypes and  apply entrepreneurship skill

4.   Project-I

     Sec 3 Express students to apply Hai Innovation protocol into their Project-Innovation research programme.

     Sec 3 Normal Academic will attend the Project-I experience which is a half day programme.

1. Innovation For Learning

In Hai Sing Catholic, we have developed Hai Innovation Protocol to be implemented for students and Staff. Base on Design Thinking framework

i. Hai Innovation Protocol

Hai Innovation Protocol is developing to standardise a process for innovative thinking and analysis of problems in Hai Sing Catholic School.  Hai Innovation Protocol is a 5 step learning experience that is based on Design Thinking.  Through the Design Thinking process, students will be able to identify and understand community issues, initiate action among their peers to make a difference and improve the lives of others. 

ii. Professional Learning Committee (PLC)

Staff-Oriented: The Innovation department set the innovative teaching pedagogy and learning directions for the Teaching and Learning and work with SSD to PLC provides protected time for teachers to discuss, research and improve their teaching by infusion of innovatively designed lessons collectively as a department.

2. Innovation As Learning

Hai Sing Catholic School has innovative learning programmes for students. These programmes are implemented in the 4 Phases. Students from sec 1 to sec 4 get to apply the Hai Innovation as part of their learning.  

At Sec 1 level, they get to experience the innovative teaching conducted by the teachers during HEW.

        i.  Sec 1 Hai Experiential Week

Student Oriented: Hai Experiential week is for staff to develop creative and activity based lessons where students can experience differentiated forms of learning in different environment. 

      ii.  Sec 2 Level-wide Applied Robotics in Science and Math

Student Oriented: The school has developed project to inculcate the innovative spirit in our students. In the Applied Robotics in Math and Science, the students get to learn programming, applied robotics in science for term 1 and 2. In term 3 onwards, students get to apply process of applying the Hai Innovation Protocol into applied robotics in engineering. The students also have to develop a solution, presentation and a prototype. 

    iii. Sec 3 Project- I

Student-Oriented: The school has developed a collaborative programme with Nanyang Polytechnic to develop a joint research project for our students to apply the Hai Innovation Protocol in research base. At sec 3 level, selected students who are interested to do research are able to take on Project-I where they will also take apply the Hai innovation Protocol in their research.