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Home-Based-Learning Programme (HBL)


HBL Notification ( May 2020 )

Sec 4 and 5  ( May Academic Home Based Learning Programme )

1) Students are instructed to login to their SLS account to retrieve the Block Book HBL Plan and Lesson Guide for Mid Year Holidays Week 3 & 4.

2) Students are reminded to refer to their class timetable for the allocated academic subjects per day and to complete the assigned tasks.

Time Table for Sec 4 & 5 

Block Book HBL Plan and Lesson Guide for Secondary 5

Student Support

HBL- SLS online assistance


#1: What if I failed to log in to SLS ?

Ans: For students whom cannot log in to SLS, please click the help link to request for assistance.

*** Assistance is not immediate and we will inform you in the soonest time. 

Help link >>>

HSC - SLS Assistance.png

#2: I already logged in into SLS, but I have encounter difficulties during my assignment.

Ans: Please notify your subject teachers and let he/she assist you. If it is of technical issues, they will escalate to school ICT team.

Note: Many schools are embarking on SLS for their HBL. Hence, if there is any difficulty in logging in, it might be due to the heavy usage of the SLS server.  

For cases like this, try to avoid accessing SLS on the peak timing of the day and try again.