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Hai Sing Parent Connect Group

Hai Sing Parent Connect Group have been established for more than 20 years and we can see the changing trend of parents involved. PCG is no longer limited to just homemakers but we can see working mums taking time off from work to participate in various events and we even have fathers, and grandparents getting involved. It is a very heartening changed of trend and we look forward to parents and guardians of Haisian to be part of this big family by participating in the events we will be hosting. We had fun and good bonding by participating in the following events:

1) Sec 1 Camp Fire, to break the ice and welcome secondary 1 students host by school counsellor.

2) Encouragement Pack for graduating class, parents come together to sponsor, pack and write positive words on bookmarks to encourage the students whom are taking O levels n N levels.

3) Sports Carnival, Haisians not only study hard and they play hard too

4) Teaching, is a work of heart. On teacher day, as parents, we show our appreciation to the teachers, vice principal, principal and not forgetting the staffs for showering our kids with patience and love.

5) Last but not least, on racial harmony day, we had fun selling goodies and the students dress up representing various races.

The best way to love our children is by giving them TIME. PCG welcomes and look forwards to parents of Haisian to join us and walk this journey together.

For more information on PCG, please contact Anjanette, Pallab or Lynn via hspcg@gmail.com

By PCG Chairperson Ms Elysia Oh


The Hai Sing Catholic School Parents Support Group would like to invite you to join the team in supporting the school programmes to enhance and enrich the school experience of all HAIsians.

Click on the link to find out more: Parent Support Group (PSG) Registration Form

PSG with P.jpg
Our PSG Team with our principal during our Cross Country.