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Personalised Digital Learning Programme

Principal's Message on PDLP

General Information for Parents

Information on School Personal Device Learning Programme (PDLP)
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Information on Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on PDLP
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Please take note that with effect from 13 June 2022, Lenovo Service Center will be relocated to the following location:

SmartCares Solutions
Address : #01-17 Tai Seng Centre, 3 Irving Road 369522 Singapore

Operation Hours : Monday- Saturday : 11am-7pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday

Lenovo Support Contact : 8008528100
Service Centre Contact : +65 68714838
Email Address : lenovo@smartcares.com

Digital Parenting Resources

This parents handbook shares more information on how to enhance your child's learning using a personal learning device (PLD) . There are some strategies and resources on digital parenting tips. Click on the below links

handbook 1.JPG
handbook 2.JPG

Device Management Application (DMA) for parents

The Device Management Application (DMA) software will be installed on all students’ device to provide a safe learning experience for students, and to prevent misuse of the device.

School’s default DMA settings for in-school use that are designed to help students focus on learning in a safe and conducive online environment. These settings will continue to be in place after school as well:

MOE and the school will set the level of web content filtering, including filtering out:
  • social media sites,
  • pornography,
  • gambling,
  • extremist and
  • violence-related sites.
PLD usage time will be set to 6 a.m. to 11.00 p.m.
  • For parents/guardians who prefer to take charge of the level of restrictions for their child’s/ward’s use of the device after school hours can request to change their choice of DMA settings to Option A and Option B in the sg form link or click on the QR Code below:
qr-code DMA parents.png
  • Parent/guardian who wish to learn how to use the DMA to monitor their child’s/ward’s PLD activities. Please click on this link.

Student Resource Kit

Please click on the below link to view the Student's resource kit:
information kit.JPG
Student Engagement Deck Student Device Information Kit

Help Desk

Enquiry on Personalised Device, Please click here or click on the QR code below:
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