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Dance Club

Teachers in charge

  1. Mrs Felicia Loh
  2. Mdm De Witt Cassandra
  3. Ms Diyana

Training schedule

Every Tuesday and Thursday: 3.00 - 5.30pm


Dance Room


  • Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation
  • Super 24
  • Teacher’s Day School Performance


Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation For Dance (International) 2021
  • Certificate of Distinction

Student Voice

‘Treat every performance like it is your last’ — As I grow as a person, I am able to use dance as an outlet when life is stressful. Looking back, dance has taught me many essential lessons, not only skills but also values such as teamwork, respect and discipline. There are many challenges faced as we train for competitions, performances or even during normal training sessions. We have to learn to work through misunderstandings, cooperate with one another and manage our time between studies and training. However, my teammates and I are able to overcome these obstacles and adopt positive attitudes like compassion and unity. Through hours of training, I am also able to bond more with my teammates as we are all on our dance journey together.

Nuha Syafeqah Binte Mohamed Nizaar