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Teachers in charge

  1. Fauzan A Rahhim
  2. Sing Geok Qing
  3. Lok Bin Hao
  4. Raihanah Haron
  5. Ye Yiping
  6. Tan Wan Ting

Training schedule

Every Tuesday and Thursday 3.00 - 5.30pm


School Hall / SUTD (Indoor sports Hall) / Basketball court


  • National School Games ‘B’ and ‘C’ Div

Student Voice

Tough times don't last, but floorballers do. As an athlete, I believe it's all about dedication, sacrifice, hard work, and determination to see the results you want. You must not only be competitive, but also possess ability. Regardless of the circumstances you face, never quit. I have also learnt to apply these personal traits to my academic life. I have also forged many strong bonds with my teammates and I realised that friendship is really important as at some point, we will need someone who can go through thick and thin with us. My CCA has really brought me to where I am now and it is something I treasure greatly.’