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Teachers in charge

  1. Mr Edmund Tham
  2. Mr MukMien Bin Mohammad Kassim
  3. Ms Esther Khoo

Training schedule

Every Thursday 3.00 - 5.30 pm


School Hall (PA Crew)
Computer Lab (Photo Crew)


“Our Schools, Our Stories” Photo & Video Contest

Student voice

‘Just like a house needs pillars to stand, the PA and Photo crew is here to support and ensure the smooth sailing of events in school. Every member is equipped with fast problem-solving skills and is adaptable to changes through teamwork. Although we do not receive the fame and recognition, everyone knows that only the support from the shadows makes an event successful. As the time comes for the old to retire and the new to take over, we effectively pass down our skills and knowledge to the next in line to ensure the support continues.’

Bliss Boey
Senior Exco