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Teachers in charge

  1. Mr. Rafi Bin Mohamed Rais
  2. Ms. Fazzera Binte Kamal
  3. Mr. Mohammed Farhan Bin Mohammed Tayib

Training schedule

Every Tuesday: 3 - 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 12 noon (Nov - Feb)
Zoom session for LMSC training (Sec 2)




  • Crime Prevention
  • Road Safety
  • Police Procedure
  • SG Secure
  • Civil Defence
  • Basic Law
  • SANA
  • Leadership and Mentoring Skills Course (LMSC)
  • Community Safety and Security Programme (CSSP)
  • Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
  • e-CSI Competition
  • Home Front Security
  • Police Youth Ambassador (PYA)
  • Total Defence (Bronze, SIlver, Gold)
  • Adventure Training Camp (ATC)
  • Drills (1st, 2nd and 3rd Class)
  • Classification Shoot
  • Live Shoot
  • Cadet Leader Course
  • Unarmed Tactics
  • Anti-Corruption
  • Cybercrime Prevention
  • NP Centre Visit


Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA) Gold

Student Voice

‘NPCC has been a fun and enjoyable learning experience for me over the course of these 3 years where I have learnt to overcome challenges and strive to be a better leader and person. The training has taught me discipline and resilience. Being a leader has taught me to be a compassionate and caring person as well. The CCA has allowed me to learn how to show care through teaching my juniors and to be compassionate to how they feel towards training and reflect on successes and failures. This CCA also allowed me to give back to the community and to show care for the people around me. It has given me a place to nurture and grow my talents and leadership skills. I earnestly feel like this CCA has shaped me into a better person and makes me who I am today.’

SGT Tan Jun Yang
NPCC Vice Chairman (Head Training)