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Singapore Youth Flying Club

Teachers in charge

  1. Ms Rafidah Banu Bte Abdul Razak
  2. Mr Liang Tian Fa
  3. Ms Jye Shiow

Training schedule

Every Tuesday 3.00 - 6.00 pm




  • Flight Simulation competition
  • Launch Glider competition
  • Electric Control Line competition

Student Voice

‘SYFC has taught me many important values such as resilience and responsibility. Throughout my experience in SYFC, I was able to further develop my character, leadership abilities and confidence. I find that SYFC is very unique and different from other CCAs as SYFC has offered me many unique and intriguing experiences. They range from flying in different types of planes, to having the opportunity to control and fly a plane in a life size flight simulator and last but not least, being able to build and customise my own planes. Personally, the most enjoyable part of this CCA is participating in competitions as well as being able to bond and spend time with my friends.’

Ethan Goh Jun Hong