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Craft & Technology

The Craft & Technology Department comprises three academic disciplines: Art, Design & Technology (D&T) and Nutrition & Food Science (NFS). Three of the subjects, Art, Design & Technology (D&T), Nutrition and Food Science are offered to the upper secondary students. A component of these subjects are coursework based.

Art: We aim to develop our students’ artistic sensibilities that will enable them to make connections between visual expressions and personal experiences and view the world around them in new ways. Through stimulating tasks, they engage in creative exploration of ideas and integrate knowledge of artists and various art forms into their own works of art. We support students’ creative pursuits through:

  • Graphic design
  • Appreciation of fine arts
  • Learning journey to art galleries
  • Animation
  • Fashion illustration
  • Interior design
  • Art competitions
  • Experiential learning ( Art Science Museum, National Art Galleries)
  • Batik printing, silkscreen printing, clay making

Nutrition Food Science (NFS)

Our curriculum aims to nurture students to play an active role in bettering the lives of those around them and take the lead in advocating a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and nutrition. We engage them in activities where they advocate sustainable food consumption by planning and making appropriate food choices and apply principles of culinary science creatively in food preparation and cooking. Some of these activities include:

  • Collaboration with NKF Health Booth
  • Healthy eating lifestyle promotion for students and staff
  • Creative cupcake design
  • My Healthy Plate (Healthy Eating Lifestyle promotion)
  • Cooking competitions
  • Enrichment activities beyond the classroom
  • Investigative Food Science
  • Collaboration with tertiary institutions (Culinary skills and food entrepreneurship)
  • Experiential learning (visit to food industries)

NFS Student Voice

‘Nutrition Food Science in Hai Sing Catholic always makes me interested to learn more about the subject. This is because it allows me to feel confident as I have the opportunity to unleash my creativity and explore what I have learnt. For example, when doing practicals, we are able to cook and bake dishes that we always wished to learn. We get to learn skills such as different techniques of cooking, baking and food preparation which will benefit us in our exams and real life! I enjoy lessons because they are engaging as we are always involved in creating something we like. Through the lessons, I have learned to think out of the box and feel more ready to experiment and learn from my mistakes!’ - Nayli. 3 Integrity

Design & Technology (DT)

Our curriculum is designed to engage students in designing and prototyping ideas through applying technology. The students’ learning leverages and builds on their experiences in design and technology, and emphasises on understanding everyday activities and creating possibilities to make life better. Through the design process which builds on students’ innate curiosity and ability to create, students cultivate creative, critical and reflective thinking. We engage students in:

  • Conceptualising ideas using digital apps such as Sketchbook Pro
  • Building mock-up(s) to test ideas
  • Experimenting and prototyping ideas
  • Experiential learning through industrial visits (Red Dot Museum, Ikea etc.)
  • Collaborating with tertiary institution for design-related modules and engineering competitions

DT Student Voice

‘D&T lessons provide us a space for our creativity to run wild! It builds our confidence, pride and tenacity through exploring real-world design opportunities for which ideas are developed. With the help and support of our teachers and friends, we are able to experiment and prototype ideas using appropriate materials and tools, building our curiosity and the ability to create. Hands-on activities such as making mock-ups allows us exercise judgement and make evidence-based decisions to improve our products. When we are done with our prototypes, the immense pride we feel is very fulfilling ! D&T class is a place where good friendships are made, where our imaginations come to life.’ – Tan Ming En Sharlyn, 4 Independence