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English Language

We aim to develop our students into confident and competent users of the language by exposing them to a myriad of authentic learning experiences. Our students will be engaged in:

  • Storytelling
  • Dramatization
  • Open book sharing
  • Tableaux
  • Hot seating
  • Creation of dioramas
  • Poetry-writing
  • Authentic assessment tasks where they will collaborate with their peers to create videos, posters, advertisements appropriate to a range of purpose, audience and contexts

Student Voice

‘This trip gave me the chance to experience nature up close. The trip has also brought me a lot of joy.... Being able to brainstorm poems with my peers and check on each other’s progress, gather inspiration from each other’s poems as well as help each other out to continue the flow of the poems written brought a lot of joy! More importantly, it gave me an authentic opportunity to apply my understanding of the ways in which writers’ choices of form, structure and language shape meanings. I really had fun writing my own poem at the end!’ — Tan En Qi, 3 Compassion

‘EL lessons provide a space for us to express our own unique individual ideas through a plethora of different media - for writing, paper; for oral, audio. English lessons allow our imagination to take flight, to look at the world in a new light through the different text types we’re exposed to. I really appreciate that we get to work on different tasks which allow us to get creative and apply our language skills at the same time!’ — Clarice Lee Wen Jing, 4 Charity