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We seek to ignite students’ curiosity to inquire into real world issues that concern their lives. Through inquiry and authentic learning experiences, our students attain relevant knowledge and understanding about these issues, develop critical and reflective thinking skills, and appreciate multiple perspectives. To develop students as informed, concerned and participative citizens, competent in decision-making with an impassioned spirit to contribute responsibly to the society and world they live in, we engage students in:

  • Discussions on current issues and real world contexts
  • Problem solving, simulation and role-playing
  • Quizzes
  • Learning journeys in authentic contexts
  • Geographical Investigation, Historical Inquiry and Issue Investigation projects
  • Conferences and competitions such as NUS Geography Challenge

Student Voice

‘I never thought that History could be enjoyable until one particular lesson that changed my mind. To answer the inquiry question on the impact of Nazi rule on Germany, my teacher introduced us to the Holocaust through a storytelling and voting session. I learnt about things I never knew before. The stories aroused my interest, especially when it differed from my initial assumptions of the characters. The lesson sparked my curiosity and I was inspired to learn more about the topic.’ - Rykiel Chong 3 Adaptability

‘Hai Sing has given me many opportunities to expand and deepen my interest in Humanities, especially Geography. One of the events was the NUS Geography Challenge which has been enriching and fun.’
- Euan Tan, 4 Charity

‘To me, learning humanities in Hai Sing has really opened my eyes to how the world works and how certain events can lead to others, as seen in History. I enjoy learning humanities in Hai Sing as the classes are engaging and teh teachers are always willing to answer any inquiries we have’ - Clarissa Goh, 4 Charity